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RAMA avatAram - VAlmIki RAmAyanam -1

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Dear All,
There have been several threads in the past about RAMA being an AvatAra. I propose to present selected slokas from VAlmIki RAmAyanA and show

that VAlmIki has clearly shown that i;s Sriman NArayanA who manifested in human form. RAMA himself considers himself a human being.

Let's first see a few slokas from AyOdya KAndam.

The following slokAs occur after SIta RAMA kalyAnam and when the divine couple is back in Ayodhya:

स हि देवैरुदीर्णस्य रावणस्य वधार्थिभिः ।
अर्थितो मानुषे लोके जज्ञे विष्णुःसनातनः ।। 2.1.7 ।।

That Rama - was He not the eternal Vishnu who was born on earth as prayed by celestials to kill the egoistic Ravana?

अनसूयो जितक्रोधो न दृप्तो न च मत्सरी ।
न चावमन्ता भूतानां न च कालवशानुगः ।। 2.1.30 ।।

Even enraged celestials and demons could not defeat Rama in battle. He had no jealousy. He conquered anger. He had no arrogance and envy.
He had not humiliated any living being. He had not surrendered to time.
Post #2

Now in the 44th sargA of Ayodya kAnda Sumitra consoles kausalyA, when she cries on seeing RAMA's resolve to go to the forest. Sumitra is supposed to be a highyl eveolved soula ccording to VAlmIki and knows the AvatAra rahasya.

सूर्यस्यापि भवेत् सूर्यो ह्यग्नेरग्नि: प्रभो: प्रभु: ।
श्रिय: श्रीश्चभवेदग्र्या कीर्ति: कीर्त्या: क्षमाक्षमा ।। 2.44.15 ।।

दैवतं दैवतानांच भूतानां भूतसत्तम: ।
तस्य के ह्यगुणा देवि राष्ट्रे वाप्यथवा पुरे ।। 2.44.16 ।।

“Oh, Kausalya! Rama is the illuminator of even the sun, fire of fire, the ruler of rules, the splendor of splendor, the foremost glory of glory, the forbearance of forbearance, the god of gods and the foremost being of all the beings. Indeed, what handicaps are there for him in the forest or in Ayodhya?”
Post #3

Later in the Aranya KAndA RAMA partakes the simple fruits offered by sabari. Sabari attains MOksha turning the prophesy of her Guru - SarabangA.

अद्य मे सफलं जन्म स्वर्गश्चैव भविष्यति ।
त्वयि देववरे राम पूजिते पुरुषर्षभ।। 3.74.12 ।।

I am going to get the heavens by offering homage to you, the Godhead.
Post #4

This is one of the most celebrated verses of Srimad Ramayanam. This is uttered by Tara, wife of Vali after Vali's death. This sloka is part of the Navaratri Ramayanam that is rendered in Rama temples along with Kulasekara Alwar's Prabandam.(perumal thirumozhi)

त्वमप्रमेयश्च दुरासदश्च जितेन्द्रियश्चोत्तमधार्मिकश्च ।
अक्षय्यकीर्तिश्चविचक्षणश्च क्षितिक्षमावान् क्षतजोपमाक्षः ।। 4.24.31 ।।

"You are an indeterminable one, an inaccessible one, one with his self conquered, the supreme among righteous souls, your glory is unmitigated, and you are the one with clear discrimination, and in endurance earth-like, and your eyes are blood streaked like those of an emperor. [4-24-31]
Post #5

The following slokas from Sundara Kandam, spoken by Sri Hanuman and addressed to Ravana:

सर्वान्लोकान् सुसंहृत्य सभूतान् सचराचरान् ।
पुनरेव तथा स्रष्टुं शक्तो रामोमहायशाः ।। 5.51.39।।

"The renowned Rama is capable of totally destroying all the worlds together with its five elements, along with its animate and inanimate things and also to create yet again all the worlds in like manner as before."

सर्वलोकेश्वरस्यैवं कृत्वा विप्रियमुत्तमम् ।
रामस्य राजसिंहस्य दुर्लभं तवजीवितम् ।। 5.51.43।।

"After doing a great harm in this manner to Rama the lord of all worlds as well as the lion among kings, your survival will be difficult."

देवाश्च दैत्याश्च निशाचरेन्द्रगन्धर्वविद्याधरनागयक्षाः ।
रामस्य लोकत्रयनायकस्य स्थातुं न शक्ताः समरेषुसर्वे ।। 5.51.44।।

"O king of demons! Either celestials or demons or Gandharvas the celestial musicians or Vidyadharas a king of super-natural beings or Nagas the semi-divine serpents or Yakshas the semi divine beings-all of them are not able to stand before Rama the lord of the three worlds."

ब्रह्मा स्वयम्भूश्चतुराननो वारुद्रस्त्रिनेत्रस्त्रिपुरान्तको वा ।
इन्द्रो महेन्द्रः सुरनायको वा त्रातुं नशक्ता युधि रामवध्यम् ।। 5.51.45।।

"Either Brahma the self-existing god with four faces or Rudra with three eyes and the destroyer of Tripura (the city built of gold, silver and iron in the sky, air and earth, by Maya for the demons and burnt by Shiva), or Mahendra the god of atmosphere and sky as also the lord of celestials would not be able to protect the one to be killed by Rama in battle."
Post #6

The following sloka is from yudda kandam, where Ravana after losing Indrajit and Kumbakarna saya that he thinks that RAMA is verily Narayana himself.

तं मन्ये राघवं वीरं नारायणमनामयम् ।
तद्भयाद्धि पुरी लङ्का पिहितद्वारतोरणा ।। 6.72.11 ।।

I think him to be very Narayana himself by whom RAkshasAs are getting destroyed , fearing whom the doors and archways are kept closed.
Post #7

Madodhari, wife of Ravana laments after Ravana is killed.Shri RAMA gives her a divine darshan with Shanka, Chakra. Mandodari procalims that RAMA is none othr than Vishnu
who has the Srivatsa mark in his chest and wields the Sankha and Chakra and Gadha

व्यक्तमेष महायोगी परमात्मा सनातनः ।
अनादिमध्यनिधनो महतः परमो महान् ।। 6.114.14 ।।
तमसः परमो धाता शङ्खचक्रगदाधरः ।
श्रीवत्सवक्षानित्यश्रीरजय्यः शाश्वतो ध्रुवः ।। 6.114.15 ।।
मानुषं वपुरास्थायविष्णुः सत्यपराक्रमः ।
सर्वैः परिवृतो देवैर्वानरत्वमुपागतैः ।। 6.114.16 ।।

"This Rama is certainly a great ascetic, an eternal person, having no beginning middle or end, greater than distinguished universal spirit like Brahma, the one beyond ignorance, the nourisher, wielding a conch, a disc and a mace, wearing the 'Srivatsa' mark on his chest, of lasting beauty, incapable of being conquered, a perpetual one, being the constant soul of the universe, truly mighty, the lord of all the worlds, the prosperous one having a great splendour and Vishnu, the lord of maintenance of the world with a wish to benefit the worlds, assuming a human form surrounded by all the gods in the form of monkeys, Rama killed you, surrounded by demons.
Post #8

The following is again from Yuddha Kandam and is the celebrated stui by BrahmA.

भवान्नारायणो देवः श्रीमांश्चक्रायुधो विभुः ।
एकशृङ्गो वराहस्त्वंभूतभव्यसपत्नजित् ।। 6.120.14 ।।

"You are the Lord Narayana himself the glorious god, who wields the discus. You are the Divine Boar with a single tusk, the conqueror of your past and future enemies."

अक्षरं ब्रह्म सत्यं च मध्ये चान्ते चराघव ।
लोकानां त्वं परो धर्मो विष्वक्सेनश्चतुर्भुजः ।। 6.120.15 ।।

"You are Brahma, the imperishable, the Truth abiding in the middle as well as at the end of the universe. You are the supreme righteousness of people, whose powers go everywhere. You are the four-armed."

शार्ङ्गधन्वा हृषीकेशः पुरुषः पुरुषोत्तमः ।
अजितः खड्गधृद्विष्णुःकृष्णश्चैव बृहद्बलः ।। 6.120.16 ।।
"You are the wielder of a bow called Sarnga, the lord of the senses, the supreme soul of the universe, the best of men, the invincible, the wielder of a sword named Nandaka, the all-pervader, the bestower of happiness to the earth and endowed with great might.You are Krishna and vishnu"

सेनानीर्ग्रामणीश्च त्वं बुद्धिःसत्त्वं क्षमा दमः ।
प्रभवश्चाप्ययश्च त्वमुपेन्द्रो मधुसूदनः ।। 6.120.17 ।।

"You are the leader of the army and the village headman. You are the intellect. You are the endurance and the subduer of the senses. You are the origin and the dissolution of all, Upendra the Divine Dwarf and (the younger brother of Indra) as also the destroyer Madhu, the demon."

इन्द्रकर्मा महेन्द्रस्त्वं पद्मनाभो रणान्तकृत् ।
शरण्यं शरणं चत्वामाहुर्दिव्या महर्षयः ।। 6.120.18 ।।

"You perform action for Indra the lord of celestials, the Supreme Ruler, the one having a lotus in one's navel and who puts an end to all in battle. The divine sages pronounce you to be fit to afford protection to all and the refuge for all."

सहस्रशृङ्गो वेदात्माशतजिह्वो महर्षभः ।। 6.120.19 ।।

त्वं त्रयाणां हि लोकानामादिकर्तास्वयम्प्रभुः ।
सिद्धानामपि साध्यानामाश्रयश्चासि पूर्वजः ।। 6.120.20 ।।

"In the form of the Vedas, you are the great Bull with hundred heads (rules) and thousand horns (precepts). You are the first creator of all, the three worlds, and the self constituted Lord of all. You are the refuge and the forbear of Siddhas (a class of demi-gods endowed with mystic powers by virtue of their very birth) and Sadhyas (a class of celestial beings.)"

त्वं यज्ञस्त्वं वषट्कारस्त्वमोङ्कारः परन्तपः ।
प्रभवं निधनं वाते न विदुः को भवानिति ।। 6.120.21 ।।
"You are the sacrificial performance. You are the sacred syllable 'Vashat' (on hearing which the Adhvaryu priest casts the oblation to a deity into the sacrificial fire). You are the mystic syllable 'OM'. You are higher than the highest. People neither know your end nor your origin nor who you are in reality."

दृश्यसे सर्वभूतेषु ब्राह्मणेषुच गोषु च ।
दिक्षु सर्वासु गगने पर्वतेषु वनेषु च ।। 6.120.22 ।।

"You appear in all created beings in the cattle and in brahmanas. You exist in all quarters, in the sky, in mountains and in rivers."

सहस्रचरणः श्रीमान् शतशीर्षः सहस्रदृक् ।
त्वं धारयसि भूतानिवसुधां च सपर्वताम् ।। 6.120.23 ।।

"With thousand feet, with hundred heads and with thousand eyes along with Lakshmi the goddess of wealth, you bear the earth with all its created beings along with its mountains."

अन्ते पृथिव्याः सलिले दृश्यसे त्वंमहोरगः ।
त्रील्लोँकान् धारयन् राम देवगन्धर्वदानवान् ।। 6.120.24 ।।

"O Rama! You appear as Sesha, a large serpent in water, at the earth's bottom, bearing the three worlds, gods, Gandharvas, the celestial musicians and the demons."

अहं ते हृदयं राम जिह्वा देवी सरस्वती ।
देवा गात्रेषु रोमाणिनिर्मिता ब्रह्मणः प्रभो ।। 6.120.25 ।।

"O Rama! I (brahma) am your heart. Saraswathi, the goddess (of learning) is your tongue. O lord! The gods created by Brahma are the hair on all your limbs."

निमेषस्तेभवेद्रात्रिरुन्मेषस्ते भवेद्दिवा ।
संस्कारास्ते ऽभवन् वेदा न तदस्ति त्वयाविना ।। 6.120.26 ।।

"Night has been recognized as the closing of your eye-lids and the day, as the opening of eye-lids. The correct usages of your words are the Vedas. Bereft of you, this visible universe does not exist."

जगत् सर्वं शरीरं ते स्थैर्यं ते वसुधातलम् ।
अग्निः कोपः प्रसादस्ते सोमः श्रीवत्सलक्षणः ।। 6.120.27 ।।

"The entire cosmos is your body. The earth constitutes your firmness. Fire is your anger. The moon constitutes your placidity. You are Lord Vishnu (who bears the mark Srivatsa - a curl of white hair on his breast)."

त्वयालोकास्त्रयः क्रान्ताः पुराणे विक्रमैस्त्रिभिः ।
महेन्द्रश्च कृतो राजा बलिंबद्ध्वा महासुरम् ।। 6.120.28 ।।

"The entire cosmos is your body. The earth constitutes your firmness. Fire is your anger. The moon constitutes your placidity. You are Lord Vishnu (who bears the mark Srivatsa - a curl of white hair on his breast)."

सीता लक्ष्मीर्भवान् विष्णुर्देवःकृष्णः प्रजापतिः ।
वधार्थं रावणस्येह प्रविष्टो मानुषीं तनुम् ।। 6.120.29 ।।

"Seetha is no other than Goddess Lakshmi (the divine consort of Lord Vishnu), while you are Lord Vishnu. You are having a shining dark-blue hue. You are the Lord of created beings. For the destruction of Ravana, you entered a human body here, on this earth."
Post #9

A few more slokas from brahmA's stuti

एतत्तदुक्तमव्यक्तमक्षरं ब्रह्मनिर्मितम् ।
देवानां हृदयं सौम्य गुह्यं रामःपरन्तपः ।। 6.122.32 ।।
Rama is the subtlest and immutable Brahman which is the heart of all divinities.

वसुधायाश्च वसुधां श्रियः श्रीं भर्तृवत्सलाम् ।
सीतां सर्वानवद्याङ्गीमरण्येविजने शुभाम् ।। 6.114.22 ।।
Seetha is the model of forbearance even to the Goddess Earth and a model of grace to Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and charm.
Post #10

LakshmanA is felled by a javelin thrown by Ravana. After that Ravana tries to lift him to take him away, but finds it impossible. Valmiki records that Lakshmana thought of himself as the inseparable part of Vishnu(SEsha)

शक्त्या ब्राह्म्या ऽपि सौमित्रिस्ताडितस्तु स्तनान्तरे ।
विष्णोरचिन्त्यं स्वंभागमात्मानं प्रत्यनुस्मरत् ।। 6.59.112 ।।
Though the son of Sumitra is severely attacked by the spear of Brahma, he is in recognition of his original nature which is beyond the reach of materialistic intelligence and which is part of Vishnu.
Post #11

This sloka is part of Kishkinda kandam, where Sri RAMA effortlessly tosses Dhundubi's skeleton, which was a test by Sugriva:

एवमुक्त्वा तु सुग्रीवं सान्त्वं लक्ष्मणपूर्वजः ।
राघवो दुन्दुभेः कायंपादाङ्गुष्ठेन लीलया ।
तोलयित्वा महाबाहुश्चिक्षेप दशयोजनम् ।। 4.11.84 ।।

After telling this, the elder brother of Lakshmana , lifts up the dry skeleton of Dundhubi through foot and throws it far away effortlessly for ten yojanas.
Post #12

Sri Hanuman's tail is set fire by Ravana after Vibhishana advises him against killing a Dhootha.Sri hanuman explains why he is not affected by Agni

सीतायाश्चानृशंस्येन तेजसा राघवस्य च ।
पितुश्च मम सख्येन न मां दहति पावकः ।। 5.53.38।।
Due to the nobility of Sita, spendour of Raghava(Rama) and fire-god’s friendship with my father, fire is not burning me.
Post #13

Through the following slokas Valmiki Bhagawan expresses Sri RAMA's divine nature

पशव्यश्चाल्परोगश्च फलमूलरसायुतः ।
बहुस्नेहो बहुक्षीरस्सुगन्धिर्विविधौषधः ।। 6.22.42 ।।

With the blessings
With the blessings of Rama the region of Maru became prosperous with milk and clarified butter. the region became filled with animals and birds, with lesser diseases and also has tasty fruits and roots. The course has become auspicious.

ते तु रामसहस्राणि रणे पश्यन्ति राक्षसाः ।
पुनः पश्यन्ति काकुत्स्थमेकमेवमहाहवे ।। 6.94.27 ।।
They see thousands of Rama in the battlefield and again the next time they see only one Rama.
Post #14

The following is an example of SAtvika TyagA as it's called by SriVaishnavas.Here Sage Sarabhanga dedicates all the fruits of his austerity to Sri RAMA

अक्षया नरशार्दूल मया लोका जिताश्शुभाः ।
ब्राह्म्याश्च नाकपृष्ट्याश्चप्रतिगृह्णीष्व मामकान् ।। 3.5.31 ।।
"Oh! Tigerly-man, non-diminishing are the abodes achieved by me either in Brahma's abode or yonder than paradise...you take them all...that are mine achieved by me ascesis...” So said Sage Sharabhanga to Rama. [3-5-31]
Comment: The sage is dedicating all his achievements of penance unto god, without any ahamtvabuddhi, mine-ness. This is called phalasamarpaNa. The fruits of pious achievements are to be dedicated in the divine without the concept 'I am the doer thus I shall enjoy...' Even in the daily worship we are supposed to dedicate all that we have done, with oblating water saying ' karomiyadyatsakalamparsmainaaraayaNaayetisamarpayaami... 'Whatever is done, in all its entirety, I dedicate it unto the Supreme...' And Govindaraja observes, whatever that is acquired by the sage is his wealth. So the heavenly abodes are his only wealth as of now, and they all are surrendered to Rama, as guest-worship.
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