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Rajya Sabha Elections from Gujarat. Some observations.

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The recent happenings in Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat should be an eye opener for Election Commission. When the news channels showed video clips I was surprised to see the MLA showing the ballot paper to some one sitting in the wings ! I wonder how could the election commission or their officers allow such thing to happen ? Where is the sanctity of Election ? It is their duty to inform all the electors on the rules to be followed. India and Indians are not new for elections. Every citizen is aware of the basic rules followed while performing such an important task.

Another important query comes to my mind that is, why EC is not using electronic voting machine for such elections wherein the total number of voters is just 171. The entire
process from issue of Ballot papers to announcement of results could have been completed in few hours if electronic voting has been done. Electronic voting is used in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on regular basis.

I feel the CEC should look into these issues carefully and take adequate steps to rule out happening of such procedural lapses in future.

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sometimes elections are mockery to democracy....recent presidential.....i heard that some MLA/MP votes are invalid....in india...

RULE MAKERS ARE THE FIRST RULE BREAKERS...sometimes..its called demo crazy....
The victory of Ahamed Patel in RS in Gujarat gave 2 benefits for the Congress : 1) Put Eggs on Amit Shah's face ii) It has given a new energy to Congress to face the Gujarat Assembly Elections with full force
The victory of Ahamed Patel in RS in Gujarat gave 2 benefits for the Congress : 1) Put Eggs on Amit Shah's face ii) It has given a new energy to Congress to face the Gujarat Assembly Elections with full force

this is a lesson for bjp.....just like....nothing for granted always......sometimes vyuhams will not work....
Success of democracy depends on successful debates between ruling party and opposition. How ever when we look our Parliament today we are disappointed to find there is no opposition at all. Composition of members in Rajya Sabha does not represent the will of people. The leaders of the house and the opposition have failed to get elected by the people for Lok Sabha. Most of the members of opposition belong to same category.
The main opposition party looks like a rudderless boat ready to sink at any time. They have no internal democracy, no members, neither viable leaders. How long they expect the people to elect them for their dynastic pedigree ? The same holds good for other parties as well. Only the leftists and BJP are cadre based. Both have credible leaders. But the left parties are rejected all over the world due to upsurge of consumer economics. China has survived because of their acceptance of changed circumstances.
It is time that we in India reject corrupt politicians and support emergence of new crop of clean leadership devoid of empty promises. I feel sorry for Congress for their present condition. They have no credible leader to lead, neither they bothered to encourage growing younger generation. People are tired of caste politics and the bogey of secularism.
As Mr Modi had done boldly the Congress also should send the leaders above 80 to retirement and allow new generation of youngsters to grow on their own merit without the interference of "High Command" in Delhi.
The same should be done in other political parties also. Lack of internal democracy has brought down AIADMK after the sudden demise of its leader.
We have to learn a lot from UK on the working of Parliamentary democracy. Though there is no written Constitution, UK is the best democracy in the world.

Perhaps the other side of the coin...

[h=1]No Congress, Ahmed Patel’s Rajya Sabha win will not give you Modi’s Gujarat[/h][h=2]BJP Gaddi Chhodo', Congress leader Ahmed Patel coined this slogan on the lines of Mahatma Gandhi's 'Angrejo Bharat Chhoro', a day after dramatically winning Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections by a whisker.[/h]………………………………….

Congress is in disarray not just in Gujarat but across the country. The last time its vice-president Rahul Gandhi visited the state, he was greeted with stones and black flags by common people. Rahul left the state in fury, his party raised a hell-storm in the Parliament, alleging BJP-RSS for the attack, which the saffron camp explained as a result of people’s frustration over the absentee Congress MLAs, who were lodged in a Bengaluru resort. We do not know if there was a conspiracy behind the attack but instead of crying foul, Congress would have been in a better position if Rahul had stayed back and helped people, literally, for a longer duration, more so because all its elected Congress representatives were out of the state.

The difficult win for Patel came after around 10 days of political drama during which the Congress had flown all its MLAs to a Bengaluru resort in a bid to keep its flock together. A party has to orchestrate such drama only when it is not sure of the support or character of its own elected members. The fact that Congress failed to ensure support of all MLAs, who were flown to Bengaluru, only adds to its many woes. Two Congress MLAs had cross-voted, though their votes were rejected by Election Commission on technical grounds.

Congress’ Rajya Sabha elections drama unfolded when the state suffered due to one of the biggest floods in recent years. None of the Congress MLAs were seen on the ground. Anyway, Rajya Sabha elections do not affect state politics for the seats are often decided in advance. That the Congress had to pull its entire might, including money to take the MLAs to Bengaluru and intelligence, to secure a win for Patel, proves the decreasing popularity of the party.

For the last many years, Congress top leadership has developed a tendency to avoid the ground and raise issues only from comfortable platforms and yet make arrogant claims. Consider this one from senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar: “The Congress has long known that in victory, carpet-baggers clamber on to its wagon, even as in defeat, there are any number of rats waiting to jump ship. History also shows that those who leave the Congress either have a short shelf life in some non-Congress government or soon write themselves out of history,” he wrote for NDTV today.

On Patel’s win, Aiyar said Congress’ “own Chanakya” beat BJP’s Amit Shah. Shouldn’t Aiyar be asking as to why Patel’s fight went to the wire? The Congress had claimed that BJP was trying to “buy” its MLAs. Shouldn’t Congress intellectuals like Aiyar be asking as to why the party MLAs were ready to “sell” themselves to BJP, if at all the saffron party was trying that?

Read more at: http://www.financialexpress.com/ind...a-win-will-not-give-you-modis-gujarat/802715/
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