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RAJINI'S EFFECT..[Just For Fun]-kk4646[TVK]

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Every one of you congratulating Dhoni, Yuvraj,Gambir etc..etc..etc...but the real credit for winning this world cup goes only to the presence the Great RAJINIKANTH..!! Have you seen him sitting in the Box...standing in the balcony..waving the National Flag..and doing everything non-Rajini like...!! Since I have the TataSky-HD Set topBox , I was the fortunate one to watch the entire world-cup series sans all advts...To compensate it the cameras were repeatedly focused on RAJINI in the final..Sorry the cameras were focused on PreetyZinda.& Amirkhan.!!.[I hope ..I am right about these Hindi film actors..since my knowldge about hindi films & its actors are only thatmuch..!!]..Rajini is such a simple personality..someone who have not seen him without make-up earlier would have assumed him as either a chamcha or car driver to Preety Zinda..!!..

Now..to the effects of RAJINI...

1..When Gambir's catch was dropped..the entire stadium errupted...but how many of you noticed Rajini..? ..When the fielder was running towards the ball to catch it..our Rajini silently rised his Index finger...and what happened..?..the fielder tumbled...that is Rajini..who always help the one in distress...!!

2..You would be wondering..having played such a good innings why Gambir was out without scoring the century..?...There is nothing to wonder about it..You should have seen Aswin handing over new gloves to Gambir ..& told him something when Gambir was in 90's..Aswin might have told Gambir that Rajini likely leave early to avoid traffic jam..!! Many no. of oppurtunities will come to score centuries..but to meet Rajini..??..Gambir didn't like to miss the 'bus'..and he took the correct decission...!!

3. You Know the scoring rate of Srilankan's bating was very low in the first ten overs..less than 35..!!..because the batsmen were not in 'mood'play their shots since arrival of Rajini was delayed due to traffic jam..!!

4..Don't give credit to Jayawardene classic century..He wanted prove to his Hero Rajini that he is still a world class bat..& He waited for the correct oppurtunity to do it..!!

5..Why Srisanth bowled so badly..? Don't ask this question..It is Srisanth's 'natural' talent..!!.. When Rajini is there ..there should be someone for 'comedy'..is it not..??

6..Why Dhoni hit the winning shot as a sixer..? ..Actualy Dhoni wanted present that ball to Rajini..but having seen Rajini getting up to leave he straightawy send it to Rajini..!!

7..You know why Rajini left the stadium before presentation cermony..? This very important..Rajini too is a TGM [True Gentleman ] like TVK !!..he didn't like the world cup to be presented to him by Pawar instead of to Dhoni & his team mates..!!

The most annoying part while watching the world cup match was the repeated question by the seven year old.. 'Who is this black coloured, bald headed old man..? Why he is being shown repeatedly".. I simply kept 'mum'. Even if I would have told he wouldn't have believed..and I din't like to be 'called' as 'liar'

Rajini is 25+...only..as ALWAYS..!!

[kk4646] P.S. I am Not A RAJINIGANTH's FAN.. !!
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i used to have the same faith in the terminator aka arnold schwarzenegger :)

always wondered why the u.s.a. did not send the terminator to afghanistan or iraq. single handedly he would have finished taliban, saddam and osama. and come back with a girl. all with the crease of his pants and the waves on his hair, still intact.
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