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Rajesh Khanna is no more

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Rajesh Khanna who is considered as the original superstar of the Hindi film industry passed away today...He was 69...Who can forget kaka's romantic look with sparkling eyes and disarming smile..Aradhana in which he paired with Sharmila Tagore catapulted him to stardom..He was considered the darling of the woman folks.
His serious role as a terminally ill patient in Anand brought many a tear..Haathi mere saathi was another great film...Can we forget the songs specially sung for him by Kishore Da 'Roop tera mastana', 'Mere sapno ki Rani', 'Kuch to log kahenge' and 'Jai jai shiv shankar'.He has acted in 163 feature films and has won three Filmfare Best Actor Awards and was awarded the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

May his soul rest in peace...Condolences to his bereaved family members
Super Star Rajesh Khanna (1942-2012)

Rajesh Khanna (29.12.1942-18.7.2012)

Another Great Actor of Hindi Cinema "Super star" Rajesh Khanna passed away in Mumbai today at the age of 69.. He was a great actor who has acted in 180 films during his career of four decades of Acting. He has won many Awards for his acting including the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Award. In the film world he was known as Kaka.

His picture Amar Prem is considered as an all time great in Hindi cinema. In that film, his portrayal of Anand Babu, an unhappily married connoisseur of good things in life was superb.

Other films of his Aradhana, Katipatang, Bhawarchi, Namak Haraam, Daag, Anand, Haathi Mere Saathi were great box office hits. All his films were known for good music under eminent Music Directors S.D.Burman, R.D.Burman.,
and Laxmikant Pyarelal and favourite Singer Kishor Kumar .

His last and only advt. film that he acted recently was Havells Fan. Rajesh Khanna ends the ad with the dialogue "Babumoshai, mere fans mujhse koi nahi chheen sakta (nobody can take my fans away from me). Indeed this legend has left a big group of fans behind him.

May his soul rest in peace,


Zindagi Ek Safar.Babu Moshoi's safar and suffering(due to prolonged illness) have ended.But,he will live in the hearts of millions of his fans."Those who live in the hearts of others never die".May his soul rest in peace!

In the 1970s, there was a Rajesh (kanna) in every house.
Every other boy was named Rajesh!
What more does a person need to be remembered fondly!!!
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Amar prem, Anand and katipatang are his good films. He was a trend-setter in
the 70s. In one of the films he dies of cancer and throughout he lived cheerfully
even knowing that he would die soon.

His rise, apart from his good looks and talent, is due to good direction, story
and music.
Rajesh Khanna is no more.

Aradhana brought together three greats Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore and Kishore Kumar.
Destiny played a great role in favour of Kishore Kumar in shaping up the future of him by singing
in this film. Initially S.D.Burman had selected Mohammed Rafi as the play back singer for this film and even
recorded two songs of Rafi saheb but he fell ill. And his son R.D.Burman took the responsibility of completing
the work of his father in that film. He had a different idea and chose to use the new comer Kishore Kumar and gave the opportunity to sing rest of the songs in the film, which became all times greats.

Another favourite of mine in that film is "Kora kagaz tha yeh man mera":

Kora Kagaz Tha - Classic Romantic Song - Rajesh Khanna & Sharmila Tagore - Aradhana - YouTube

Rajesh Khanna lived his life full... Had the world under his feet.. An evergreen romatic hero. who can ever forget that slight jerk of his head in every song and that mannerism is his own and never copied by any body. He lived like the " Anand" in the film "Anand" The film end with Amitabs's Voice saying, " Anand Mara Nahin"- "Anand Marthe nahin" -( Anand has not died- People like Anand never die) So Apt. RIP Rajesh Khanna.
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