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RAJAJI was not after Popularity or Happiness!!!

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Rajaji's interest in the affairs of the country and his concern for the future always remained the same. They did not diminish a whit till the very end of his long life. He was troubled deeply that people of the country were not happy, that moral standards were going down in public life and that persons in public life did not have even basic honesty. This unequalled intellectual passed away on December 25, 1972. He was then 94.Rajaji received in his life both great honor and violent criticism. He heard theharshest words of criticism from his own colleagues. People who could not understand him pelted stones at him. He withstood all that. And he was the Governor General of India. He was also the recipient of the highest award, the Bharata Ratna. Rajaji, who explained the meaning of the Bhagavad- Gita in his books, had imbibed its essence in his own life. Praise did not elate him; malicious words did not upset him. So many people reproached him saying that he encouraged the creation of Pakistan. Rajaji also did want an undivided India. But he came to the conclusion that India could not get freedom unless Pakistan was conceded to the Muslims. If some people want Pakistan, why keep them with us by force? Let us give them what they want let them experience the happiness or the misery or their new state. This is political wisdom. So ran his thoughts. Gandhiji himself once said, "If I had made over the leadership to Rajaji, I would not have had to see the bloodshed that occurred for the division of the country. He can see six months ahead of me."

Let us remember this gentleman on 25 the Dec 2012


தனக்கு அவரை வைத்து காரியம் ஆகவேண்டும் என்றால் மூதறிஞர் என்பர் தி.க மற்றும் தி.மு.க வினர்.

இப்போதைக்கு அவரால் தனக்கு ஒன்றும் ஆகவேண்டியதில்லை என்ற நிலை வரும்போது...

குல்லுக பட்டர் என்பர். ஆனால் அவர் உண்மையான பேரறிஞர்......

அவர் புகழுக்கும் அறிவிற்க்கும் நிகர் அவர் ஒருவர் மட்டுமே....

அவரது புகழ் பரப்பும் வலைத்தளம்....

REMEMBERING SRI C. RAJAGOPALACHARI (RAJAJI) : Annaswamy Natarajan blogs on sulekha, Creative blogs, Annaswamy Natarajan blog from india
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While I agree that Rajaji was one one of the greatest philosophers and writers of our times and hold
him high regard, certain actual events point quite to the contrary of the impression formed by you.

Through the decades, high decibel political propaganda and a certain degree of systematic indoctrination
have created "Larger-than-Life" images of very very ordinary people, with all their misgivings, almost elevating
them to a state of demigods.

In an attempt to get you disillusioned, I might end up hurting / offending you and others on this forum.

I have one question for you though:

Can you ever imagine the illustrious scientist Dr.Sri APJ Abdul Kalam, [after having served as the
President of India] occupying Sri PC's seat as Home Minister in Delhi or Selvi JJ's seat as CM of TN ?

Well, I'll leave it at that, for now.

Yay Yem
I for one would think that it was quite easy for both Gandhiji and Rajaji to be what they were. Besides, the period was content with simplicity without pride. I have an anecdote on Rajaji: When they were travelling in car somewhere in down South, they had to stop en route for breakfast. Being in the car itself, an assistant was sent out to bring bf from hotel. The enthusiastic assistant brought sweet, kaaram and coffee. This angered Rajaji and he chided the assistant saying that he only needed 2 idlis and could not take anything more. "We are eating public money and it is bad to spend on ourselves. Compare today's lot. Today's lot will get indigestion and acidity if they do not eat public money. Having said all this, I would like to repeat there are greater Mahatmas and persons in ordinary men whom we would not know.
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