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Raising Children As Good Hindus


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I guess I should leave the conversation with you in this thread. You seem to be in a resentful mood. I was just being friendly. Your response is less than friendly. I am sorry.
perhaps you misinterpreted. perhaps I did not communicate appropriately and I am sorry if that is the case. I was appreciating your broad-heartedness and appreciating your parents for raising you as one who would be happy regardless of circumstances, surroundings environment. Your happiness comes from within and not without. You are strong in your inner man. If every parent raise their children likewise, they would also be happy.


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What Will Happen if a Brahmin Eats Non-Vegetarian Food?*....
A question from my reader Amitabh Sharma: "Sir, I have seen lot of Brahmins eat non-vegetarian food. What will happen if a Brahmin eats non-vegetarian?"

*"What do you expect to happen? Your stomach has power to digest both. And it is your false belief that Brahmin as a caste don't eat non-vegetarian"*

"Phew...I was relieved. Sir, I thought you were fanatic vegetarian...In fact, I am a Brahmin and have eaten non-veg...Still I can follow Brahmanism, right?"

*"Brahmanism has nothing to do with today's Brahmin caste. If you follow Brahmanism - that is Sattvik way of life - you have to be pure vegetarian."*

"I am confused..."
*"Our ancestors thrived to be a Brahmin...They knew that Brahmanism is divinely ordained cosmological order. They realized that a human can lead a perfect, peaceful and contented life if he followed Brahmanism...Hence everybody wanted to be Brahmins. They thrived to be one....*

*Sages like Vasishta, Viswamitra, Vyasa, Jambooka rishi, Shrunga muni, Valmiki, Agasthya, Gowtama etc were not born in Brahmin caste. But they gained ultimate knowledge (brahmajnana) and became Brahmins. Sant Namdev, Sant Ravidass, Sant Kabir and Guru Nanak were not caste Brahmins. Puttaparti Sai Baba, Ramalinga Swamigal, Kripananda Variar, Appar Swamigal, Sri Narayana Guru, Shirdi Sai Baba, Mata Amritananda mayi etc were not in Brahmin caste.*

*All of them evolved to be Brahmin. Ved Vyas, Manu, Vasistha etc upheld the importance of Brahmin. But they were not born in Brahmin caste.*

*Lord Krishna, who positioned Brahmins as supreme though his Baghvad Gita, was a backward caste Yadav. There is not even single HINDU god who is a Brahmin. But all our ancestors propagated, supported and fought for Brahmanism. However, no Brahmin wrote or said anything in favour of Brahmanism. It was non-Brahmins who upheld the positions of Brahmins seeing them as role models.*
*Try to figure out why for yourself, rather than swallowing the puked items (information) provided by the missionaries and communists. A Brahmin's son/daughter cannot be called Brahmin until and unless he/she qualify as so. If that was the case, why don't you call Ravan a Brahmin? His father Visravas was a famous Brahmin.*

*Dhrona was a Brahmin, but he became a renowned Kshatriya. Vishwamitra, the son of a Kshatriya grew vigorously with the qualities of a Brahmin.*

*Just because one is born to a Brahmin family CANNOT be Brahmin. Krishna envisaged Brahmin not as caste or religion. It's like a profession. How will you address your college professor's son? Do you call him professor? Just because your classmate's father is a doctor, will you address her as doctor? The lawyer's son automatically becomes lawyer? No - they have to be qualified for that.*

*Our ancestors envisaged that democracy and merit are the foundation of a healthy society, hence never supported the generational dynasties. But that has changed during the last 1000 years.*
*Our ancestors say Brahmin is a position. It is a status. Not a caste.*

“janmana jaayate shudraha. Sanskaaraat dvija uchyate. vedapaati bhavet vipra. brahma jnanathi brahmana.”

*“By birth, every man is a Shudra (an ignorant person). Through various types of disciplines (samskaras), he becomes dvija (twice born). Through the studies of Veda, he becomes a vipra (or a wise man). Through realization of supreme spirit (brahmajnana), he becomes a Brahmin.”*

*He whoever is wise, without a caste, not bound by kama-krodha-lobha-moha-mada-maatsarya (lust, anger, covetousness, delusion, pride, jealousy: These are the six passions of the mind), has realized the 'Self' (consciousness), has established himself in Brahman (The cosmos) and the one in him is a Brahmin according to the Vedas.*

*Two broad territorial divisions exist among the Brahmin: the Panch Gour (Five Northerner) and the Panch Dravida (Five Southerner). Their skin colour can be fair or black. Their races are different. That means, Brahmanism has nothing to do with caste or race - it can only be achieved. The society gave respect to Brahmins not out of fear, but because of great regards and respect they commanded through their Sattvik life style. A Brahmin was considered as the flag-ship of Sanatan Dharma.*
*To achieve Brahmanism, one has to follow Sattvik life style. They have clearly noted in all scriptures that “Sattvik Lifestyle” is perfect for Ayru-Arogya-Soukhya (longevity, health and happiness). It includes self-discipline, spiritual practices like prayer, yoga and meditation, and cultivating virtuous qualities such as honesty, non-violence, compassion, contentment, selflessness etc.*
*Satvik food is the foundation of such life. You are not supposed to eat part of dead body. Those who followed Sattvik food and life style were elevated to a position of Brahmin.* *Hence vegetarianism is the basic foundation of Brahminism. Those who wished their children continue to this life style, adhered to this practice in their families.*
*Just like the Mulayam Singhs, Karunanidhis, Sonia Gandhis, Farooq Abdullas, Bal Thackereys etc want their children to become politicians, it is normal for a Brahmin to think that his children or parambara (heritage or succession) to live a life of Brahmin.*
*But it was not an easy task like becoming politicians. One has to be qualified to be one. Hence they have developed communities surrounding temples and continued the Vedic practices and rituals. Children were not allowed to mingle with others because of their selfishness to see coming generations to live a happy and contended life.*
*The evolved people dreamed that their ancestors follow the Sattvik life style by being vegetarian - this slowly developed into a community thinking. Later the public started calling this community as Brahmin caste. So, it was easier for a child born in Brahmin caste to be a Brahmin than child born in other castes. But there is a huge negative for this. A child born in such communities has the responsibility of hundreds of generations’ aspirations and dreams.*
"But I have read that some Brahmin sects were eating fish and non-vegetarian"
*"It's a fake story. Please show me a proof? You have to quote from authentic sources. The Brahmin family inter-mingled with fishermen community started eating fish and floated such convenient stories such as fish is Jalapushpa or their eating fish was mentioned in some Puranas. That story is not true. Some people told me another funny story - "our ancestors were eating mid-portion of fish. Then join its head and tail with a mantra so that it gets life again." Fair enough. You also eat mid-portion and give life to the fish, I said. Nobody has shown me such magic till this date.*
"Oh, I didn't know so much. I have been eating non-vegetarian food for quite some time..."Amitabh said.
*"If you are born in a Brahmin community that was following vegetarianism for the last few thousand years, be very very careful.*
*You are not aware about the huge mistake you are inviting. Your ancestors wanted you to live a life of a pure Brahmin. They wanted to see that the evolved human beings would remain in this planet. And you are happily going against their Parambara (heritage). Will the Jeevatma be pleased? Your 'self' will be confused and DNA will develp conflict."*

*By eating non-veg food you are not only inviting wrath of your ancestors, but also creating a huge conflict with your DNA. There is something known as ' Parambarya Maryada' (Traditional discipline) encoded in your DNA. Those who learned about genetics and DNA can tell you for how many years the power of genes will continue in generations.*

*Simply put, a real Brahmin is a vegetarian that doesn't mean every vegetarian is a Brahmin. All Sattviks are Brahmins, that doesn't mean a person born in Brahmin caste is Sattvik. A person eating non-vegetarian and claiming to be a Brahmin is similar to a corrupt politician making statements against corruption.*

*When you are born in a Brahmin family, the existence gives you a great opportunity to be vegetarian hence you can be a Sattvik following cosmically ordained life style of non-violence. When you eat dead-body you are sharing the violence and becoming responsible for a brutal killing. This is unheard in your DNA behavior for the last 2000 years.*

*I have already discussed about the DNA conflicts and function of Brain in some articles. It will be carried and reflected in your genes too. Then, there will be no point in crying foul and telling people that god is unfair to my family! You are inviting miseries for the next generation too. Just look around and see the increasing infertility, genetic disorders and diseases, physical ailments among Brahmin families....Some Brahmin castes are becoming extinct... .."*
"You are scaring me Uday Sir....What will I do then sir....?”

*"I am telling you facts that I understood. It shouldn't scare you. Face the facts. Be grateful to the existence to let you take birth in a community that believed in Brahmanism for centuries. Stop eating any dead body part right NOW. Do penance for insulting your ancestors. Focus on Sattvik style...At least, some corrections in life can happen..."!*
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