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Race and Tamil Brahmins

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I have wondered at times how can it be, a race of men, who fiercely guard the knowledge of a sacred language and scriptures, not differ in features from those otherwise.

If they alone know how to read texts and perform rituals, that every other man in the country cannot. Is it not logical that they have origins elsewhere.

How can the wheatish complexion and sharp, narrow nose of Indra not mirror upon those who recite verses of him that no one else does.

I cannot believe that there can be Brahmins, whose skin is black, and features unrefined as those of pariahs.

How can there exist Brahmins who do not differ from Tamil pariahs, who are known to be shortest, least muscular, posses broad nose and the most poorly carved features in India. Whose presence is needed wherever menial labour is in demand, whether it be in the palace of Rajputs or the sewers of Singapore.

My close friend is chamar (untouchable) of Punjab, he is much darker than me and I have more sharper features than him. But even then, I have seen pictures and videos of Iyers and Iyengars that are no where as Aryan as my friend and his family.

When my friend and I first met. He asked me if I was North Indian and I asked him why. He told me that he hated South Indians, especially Tamils because of their physical features. I just smiled and kept quiet and did not get the slightest offended. I like most Tamil Brahmins I know, consider myself a North Indian.

Overtime we became close friends. I valued his companionship because he was a jovial and outgoing individual. Eventually he learned that I was a Tamil and was suprised. As he had seen my family and they did not fit his perception of Tamils.

He asked me how come we look the way we do. Then I revealed to him that I was a Brahmin. And I told him not all Tamils are noted for black skin and blunt features but only the pariahs are.

To my suprise, my friend said, "oh well then its cool because you are not really Tamil, since you are Brahmin, your relatives are North Indian immigrants living in kallu(means black in Hindi) South". And he said he hates dalit/shudra South Indians with a passion. And it did'nt make sense to me because he was a dalit himself, so I asked him. And he said it does'nt matter the fact that he is a dalit himself, as far as he was concerned there was a difference and it mattered. I am happy that him being my friend despite him being chamar/pariah/dalit, as he is a cool guy. And there are certain boundaries that I do not cross.

There appear to be Tamil Brahmins, whose features are not as fine as that of Punjabi chamars even. To me they are just like any other Brahmins. They are by virtue Aryan, because they are Brahmin by blood. As their fathers were Brahmin missionaries who migrated to Tamil country many millenia ago and took local wives.

Remember an enemy that distances himself from you is far better than an enemy who tries to get close to you. ;)
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I am shocked to read the above posting. In this day and age, where we scientifically know that our looks, let alone 'race', which are decided by a handful of genes and which more importantly have nothing to do with one's IQ and Charecter, this sort of posting is nauseating.

There are discussions elsewhere in this Forum about the reasons for the plight of our dalits. Here we are staring at one of them. There is also a thread about India gaining the developed nation status in the world. Seems like, there are still the likes of the above poster in modern India and as long as they harbour such views, India will never emerge as an 'advanced' nation. What a pity!

I cant help remembering the story when Ashtavakra walked into the palace to meet the King where all other learned Pandits were present.
Everyone laughed at him because of his eight bends deformity.
Then he asked the King why is there a congregation of cobblers here?
For which the pandits got enraged with him.
Ashtavakra replied that only a cobbler would be concern about skin (Carma).
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In my humble opinion, stauch_Iyengar is not an Iyengar, leave alone staunch.

Sri Staunch Iyengar,

I have a question for you. Kindly answer that question, please.

"When your father performed thivasam for his father-in-law, that is for your mother's father, what was the list of items offered for 'brahmanartha bojanam'. kindly list all the items served, please."

Answer that question, please. I sincerely believe that you are not a caste brahmin at all.

I humbly request the forum members not to reply to this thread until Sri. Staunch Iyengar post his/her reply. Thanks.
This thread is waste of time and efforts for all of us.I agree with the views of KRS,Raghy and others..Whenever people do not want to divulge their identity it raises suspicions of their intent! I find it is a waste of time to proceed further..treat it with the contempt it deserves!
I find the thread is not in good taste. There is no such thing called brahmin race or tamil race. The theory 'aryan and dravidian' has been demolished. Venkat
i doubt if we will hear from staunch iyengar again on this thread.

if memory serves me right, this is another of those characters, who enjoys starting up a controversial post, with a fictionalized situation which is bound to get the blood hot on those who read it.

then, this staunch guy, sits back and watches the fun.

i do not know, how to treat such folks. ignore them?
i doubt if we will hear from staunch iyengar again on this thread.

if memory serves me right, this is another of those characters, who enjoys starting up a controversial post, with a fictionalized situation which is bound to get the blood hot on those who read it.

then, this staunch guy, sits back and watches the fun.

i do not know, how to treat such folks. ignore them?

I am 100% in support to Sri Kunjuppu in this.

Just ignore such folks ............................!

........ the right thing they deserve. (there may be many such in disguise )
cannot believe that there are people of this kind in this century who talk about skin color and race like this....ignorance at its peak...yep, the post is best ignored.
While the ideas expressed by the originator of this thread may be not acceptable, we do not allow personal attacks on others, such as you have expressed here. Hence I am editing those out.

stauch_Iyengar is *******************(Edtd KRS).
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