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"If everybody is somebody then no body is anybody"

"Argument is exchange of ignorance while discussion is exchange of intelligence"

"Money is the sixth sense without which you cannot enjoy the other five senses" - William Somerset Maugham.

T Shirt Quotes:

"Nobody is perfect, I am nobody"

"You are vegetarian is it? Then why are you eating animals' food"


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Marriages are successful only when the husband and wife understand
each other that they are one, though physically two different persons,
and living for the success of one common single family.



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Panchayatana Puja is a holy one. This can be done by everyone at home. In fact
Kanchi Paramacharya Maha Swaigal had explained about this in one of his lectures.
For this, the fossils collected from river Gandaki in Nepal, Red stone from Sonabhadra
in Bihar, Crystals from Vallam in Tamil Nadu, Linga shaped Banalingam stones from
river Narmada, stones collected from Swarnamukhi river in Andhra Pradesh are
together worshiped as Vishnu, Ganesh, Surya/sun, Shiva and Goddess Ambika
respectively. This pujas is known as Panchayatana Puja. This Puja can be
done by every Brahmin at home. This was done earlier by many brahmin families.
Now a days only a few follow this. If this is done one will be always happy in
life. There is a therefore a quote, when a person is in a joyful mood, he/she
could praise the God. If you are in trouble, do not forget him and seek HIS
assistance. HE will certainly come forward to help you. One has to allocate
some spare time daily to worship and pray HIM. One need not to worry about
the period or moment of problems, etc. Keep Trust and Faith in HIM, HE
will certainly come forward to help.


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