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[Question] Question on Masikam and Abdeekam dates for my Mother

Raman Sampath

New member
Namaskaram! I would like to clarify the Masikam dates and Abdikam dates for my mother. She passed away on September 9th 2022 (at 3pm) in Hyderabad, India.
The daily rituals leading upto Shubha Sweegaram (september 10-September 21) were completed in Hyderabad. I completed a Masikam on October 8th. I completed 27 day Oonam on October 5th and 45 Day Oonam On October 20th. I have a masikam coming up on November 6th (conducting in USA, hence a day earlier than India).

Now I would like to know the upcoming Masikam dates and the Abdeekam dates. I think I have the 180 day oonam date with me. The confusion is the Drik panchangam which is indicating Abdeekam on September 27 2023. A Vadhyar in Hyderabad mentioned August 29, 2023 for Abdeekam. However he was not certain of the actual date.

I would really appreciate the clarification.

Una AAbdeekam suppose to do it on between 341 to 355
Hear it's mostly no Friday Tuesdays janma nacharam should not come
So that's ma be he would have given this date....
august 29th is the correect abdeekam day.your mother expired on aavani month sukla paksham sathurdasi thithi. next year you have to see only aavani month sukla patcham chathurdasi thithi which falls on 29-8-23. you should not see the september month. which belongs to puratasi month. on the 11 th and 12 th day you have finish one sodakumpam and masikam which is called as akothista sratham.oct. 8th oct .is the 2nd masikam.

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