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[Question] Query on Hindu Tradition, Rituals and their meanings

I would like to understand the Hindu Tradition better, especially that of Brahmins so that I can practice it meaningfully. Where can I get this knowledge? Please suggest. I also see that people customize those as per their needs. So would want to know the origin and more info. on that without any tweakings.
Where do you begin? Only you know that.
So this question may not be answered.
The first thing a real Barman is suppose to do give education to a poor deserving child. When you do this without expecting anything in return, your duty to the society is done. Secondly, when you get up just start with a silent prayer to Maha Ganapathi and Krishna – both are supposed to be the incarnation of OM. Next recall all your departed ancestors and teachers, friends and every one that have touched your life in one way or other. That gives you the gratitude. This also will tell you if you had a relation with lots of people or you are only selfish. I count about 50 every day for a very long time and offer them my sincere gratitude. We don’t know if it will reach the Atman of those departed, but we do that during Tharpana on Amavasya etc. The point is not if it reaches them, it is you are grateful to them makes you feel part of your clan and the society. Third, every day you help some one you randomly meet and without expecting thanks. It could a simple act like make an older person cross a road, carry their small bag, help them load or unload things, get things for them from shops with their money – any simple act of random kindness is fine. If you remember your first three threads in your thread ceremony, one is to take a vow for education, one to pay homage to your teacher and one to discharge your duties to society.
The threads (Poonul) are for constant reminder and not for the safe keeping of a key as it is done now. Take your coffee etc., attend nature’s call, take a shower for external cleanliness when possible . Light a lamp – to suggest that your internal darkness be gone in small step – Tamasoma jothirga - maya let the darkness be removed and brightness prevail with closed eyes for two or three minutes. This will calm you down and will strength to face your day without fear and with self confidence. But you must believe in it.

Allow children to have fun, treat your spouse with respect and politely suggest things rather than harshly criticize her. You want harmony and not dominance. Help her as much as possible. Then she will make your night a pleasant one. Avoid free loaders and those who praise you. They are poison. If you have one or two real friends you are lucky. Most are free loaders and avoid them and reduce your mental problems.

In the night just before you sleep and when you lie down, close your eyes and recall all those you had thanked in the morning again silently and ask God to show you the right part.

I assume you are not corrupt in anyway.

This is how I live and extremely happy and have almost no complaint. I do not tell the problems, I give solutions which may be modified according to situation. This is the gist of Hinduism as I understand. Going to temple, wearing religious symbols on body signal insecurity. I also do not expect to agree with me and leave it at it. Arguments create only tension and nothing is achieved.
Rituals and meaning: Our ritual combine religion, medicine, yoga, wellness, cooperation, climate and all issues and they evolved over a long period of time. People at every generation did understand something and others followed their elders believing that their parents knew better. Nothing was documented. For example, we offer flowers, fruits etc., that are locally available as a gratitude to GOD in the South with coconuts, beetle leaves, where as in the North India they offer dried fruits in winter. Which is right?
The idea is to offer – emotional satisfaction and no GOD has taken them and eaten- showing the gratitude for the invisible GOD or nature. You walk around the temple three times as an exercise and try to reduce your mental stress by channelizing our thoughts and enhancing our faith in better days ahead etc. They offer Tulsi (Basel ) water as a precaution against cold virus (Ayurveda) as Vishnu is also accepted as Danvantri and so on.
So, your question is as though like Vatican, we have some authority who knows and has written down every thing. Remember, until writing came into practice, only sruti – heard from ears – chanted form was prevalent. Thus, when you ask a question, even though you might not mean, show some invisible authority you have to ask such question. You need to read and search extensively to understand all the old systems. Curiosity is different from egoistic questioning – look at your statement : So would want to know the origin and more info. on that without any tweaking.”. Good luck

If you do a google search you can find various sites that may satisfy you.

Or visit
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Western researchers reveal why children who memorize Sanskrit mantras become super intelligent as they grow up*

Neuroscience shows how rigorous memorizing can help the brain. The term the ‘Sanskrit Effect’ was coined by neuroscientist James Hartzell, who studied 21 professionally qualified Sanskrit pundits. He discovered that memorizing Vedic mantras increases the size of brain regions associated with cognitive function, including short and long-term memory. This finding corroborates the beliefs of the Indian tradition which holds that memorizing and reciting mantras enhances memory and thinking.

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