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"Quack In Garb Of Baba": Doctors' Body To Top Medical Body On Ramdev


Active member
The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Wednesday wrote to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) against yoga guru Baba Ramdev alleging him of making "unprovoked demeaning and prejudicing utterances against modern medicine".

"We are therefore seeking your indulgence as the statutorily authorized 'custodian' of modern medicine in the interest of the medical profession and medical professionals especially in the context of the material fact that self-styled Baba Ramdev through his ruthless public utterances is making a mockery of modern medicine and the professionals which tantamount to the mockery and ridicule of the life-saving protocols that have been worked out by the Indian Council of Medical Research and have been successfully put into operation that has resulted in unparalleled effectivity," wrote IMA in its letter to ICMR

"However, the quack Baba Ramdev in his public depiction is not only tarnishing it but also undermining the entire responsive and responsible contribution of Indian Council of Medical Research in such difficult times which is uncharitable and also defamatory and tarnishing in nature and character in taming the crook and the quack in the garb of Baba Ramdev from causing unilateral irreparable damage to the fair name and credit of the protocols prescribed by the ICMR, executed by the modern medicine professionals including humiliation that he has heaped on the Covid martyrs by insulting them in the most barbaric and beastly manner," the letter adds.

The controversy started with a video, floating on different social media sites, showing Ramdev terming modern allopathy "a stupid and failed science".

Last week, the IMA had appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take appropriate action under sedition and other charges against Ramdev for allegedly "spearheading a misinformation campaign on COVID vaccination".

The IMA had sent a legal notice to yoga guru Ramdev over his alleged statements against allopathy and "defaming" scientific medicine.

However, the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust has denied allegations by the IMA that Ramdev has misled people by making "unlearned" statements against allopathy and defamed scientific medicine.

It's this simple.
Whether Baba Ramdev thinks Allopathy is Tamasha and Bekaar(these are the words he used)...it does not really matter to anyone cos that's his opinion...BUT as a human being he is not able to see the sacrifice the medical personnel have been making since Covid 19 started.

Many doctors have died, many nurses have died yet Baba Ramdev could not appreciate the sacrifice these medicos did.

It's no Tamasha or Bekaar for a medic to die when others fall sick and you die in line of duty.
It's like a soldier in the battle field dying for his country.

This is all anyone expects any human to realize.
If Baba Ramdev could NOT see that, it's high time he drop the Baba in front of his name.

BTW Mr Ramdev is not the only one who is parroting all these cock and bull about allopathy.
Many Yoga gurus online are into the same nonsense.

The fact is Ayurveda/Yoga are more of a holistic preventive system that starts with a conducive lifestyle and helps to gain balance of mind and body.
In that state of balance one makes better life style choices and even those with genetic predisposition of diseases can prevent it to some extent.

Allopathy on the other hand is more symptomatic based treatment either with medicine or surgery, rehabilitation and also some extent of prevention by vaccination of communicable diseases.
It's effective and has increased the quality of life and decreased mortality rate overall especially for maternal and child health.

Ayurveda would not be handle an emergency C section for Placenta Previa type 4..in the past women with Placenta Previa Type 4 would bleed to death right away.
But these days with Ultrasound and C sections maternal death in such cases is a rare find.

The best is we humans use Ayurveda/Yoga as Holistic preventive medicine and use Allopathy as Curative medicine.

There is no need for both allopathy docs and ayurvedic practitioners to be logger heads, they should understand they are at opposite ends of the same spectrum in order to maintain balance in the health care system.

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