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Punyajanam - How is the function performed?

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Dear All,

Could you kindly explain how the punyajanam function is performed among Tamil Iyers.
What are the formalities to be followed by the girl's side and how long is the function etc.

Any inputs/information is very much appreciated.

Best wishes,
Sow. Nivedha,

As far as I know, Tamil Iyers do not have a function/ritual called "punyajanam". But we do perform "punyaaham" for purifying the house on certain specified occasions. Is the 'punyajanam' something similar to this?
Sow. Nivedha,

In thanjavur district tamil iyers in collaquial language is saying punyajanam. correctly speaking it is punyahavaachanam.
requirements= one brass sombu (one litre capacity) raw rice 500 grams;coconut 1; mango leaf bunch 1;thamboolam; 2 plantain fruits for neivedhyam;water panchathra uthurini, one small plate; manjal powder kumkumam;sandal wood powder dakshinai; flowers for archanai;

darbhai pavithram and koorcham pour some drinkable water in the sombu and decorate the sombu with mango leaf coconut smeared with turmeric powder sandal paste and kumkum .do aavahanam of varuna baghvan do upachara pooja with sankalpam then chant pavamana sooktham 4 times if there is only one sastrigal or if there is 4 sastrigals one time each ; then pour that water all over the house and then it must be given to each and everybody to drink. maximum 30 minutes is enough to do this.
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