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Punniyajalam Ceremony

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Hi all,

I gave birth to a baby boy on Nov 2 and I am a brahmin (Iyer - Vadama). We are having Punniyajalam ceremony for my baby boy this wednesday (16th Nov).

I need to find out what are the possible starting letters to name my baby boy. Are there any free software out there that can do this task?

Also, Is naming based on the Astrological starting letters suitable for brahmins too? My dad says he wants to name my son by his father's name and he says brahmins do not see the astrological starting letter when naming their baby. Only non-brahmins do so. Is it true?

In that case, I would not check any software or any astrologists... i would happily name my son by my grand dad's name. Please confirm this!
I dont agree. in brahmins, lot of importance is given to the name. The name is given based on the nakshatra, any special event on that day and also astrology is taken into consideration. Usually we select names that do not end with letters like "i".
Long live the child !!

Usually we brahmins have the habit of giving more than one name(3 to the max) to a child. There should be one proper name which ends with sharma(for boys), which is used for his "abhivadhaye ... " .This name should be selected according to the rules of dharmasastras. you can choose the other names according to your convinience(based on preference or astrology)

Loga samastha Sugino bhavanthu!! Radhe krishna!!.
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