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PTE Score - Confused - Please help & Guide

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Hare Krsna Friends,

This might sound silly or ridiculous but my situation is confused. Please do help with your guidance.

Am Shankar and have applied for Australian PR.

English requirement for application i.e., PTE minimum 65 in all parts such as Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and overall.

My score released on 25.12.2016:

Communicative Skills:
Speaking: 90/90
Listening: 64/90
Reading: 63/90
Writing: 61/90

Enabling Skills:
Grammar: 51/90
Oral Fluency: 90/90
Pronunciation: 90/90
Spelling: 67/90
Vocabulary: 76/90
Written Discourse: 79/90

Overall Score: 68/90

Please clarify my doubts mentioned below:

1) Will there be any discrepancy in the score ? As I very well remember the way I presented answers.

2) Is there any option like re-correction or re-checking ?

3) Or should I have to sit for another test ?

4) I have submitted the Assessment Application to the Australian Government authorized authority for analysis of my documents & background and still awaiting response i.e., Expression of Interest (EOI) with or without condition(s).

5) My tutor who guided for PTE Exam says that he has witnessed such result and especially enabling skills for the first time in his 15 years of experience.

6) The important factor my tutor pointed out was "Grammar' score as others were above 65 felt something went wrong - Is there any possibility of such situation ?

1) Kindly avoid sarcastic comments
2) Undergoing heavy financial & personal tussle sat for this exam. So, please, if anyone expertizing in PTE answer and guide me.
3) Please do not criticise as am not in a position to bare it.

With Appeal
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