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Propaganda for GODMEN/WOMEN

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I find that of late many serious discussions are being interrupted by posting cut and paste articles about GODMEN/WOMEN.


Most of the Yahoo groups and Hinduism forums have been flooded with this propaganda. The GODMEN and his followers have money and man power.

These kind of posts have compelled many of the Yahoo groups to switch over moderation.

I get a flood of such messages in my Yahoo groups.

I request the moderators/administrators to delete these posts and warn the members posting them.

They could start new threads.

This is not a discussion about Godmen. Everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs. But you can not thrust your beliefs on others.
I am in full support for shrI Nacchinarkiniyan's complaint and request. I had a similar experience from the same member here:


despite shrI Pannvalan in post no.33 and I in post no.38 of the thread pointing it out.

Although I am a Saidevotee myself (which is why I have my username as saidevo), since the posts are not at all related to the topic of the thread, they should not be there. I suggest that our Admin/Modertor might move such unrelated posts to a Miscellaneous thread, so the flow of discussion/information goes on smoothly.

However, as regards the cut-and-paste tendency, although it should be avoided in most cases, the c&p in post no.11 and 12 again from the same member, in this thread was useful, except that the enlarged font was irritating:
Dear Shri KRS,

I request that the posts be removed and the poster suitably warned. I suspect whether the handle is of a genuine person or created by some spam software; only Shri Praveen will be able to tell.
I agree with Sri Nacchinarkiniyan Ji and others. Introducing another topic abruptly outside the flow of a thread will not be permitted and those posts will be deleted.

Sowbhagyavathi Siganeswarie Ji, I am deleting the concerned posts from the threads cited above by Sri Nacchinarkiniyan Ji and Sri Saidevo Ji. If you would like please post them on the threads you have already started. If you continue this behavior of posting this way, encroaching on others' threads, we will be forced to issue an infraction.

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