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Progress of Civilizations

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Westeners classify a civilization based on its ability to harness the natural resources available. A civilization that can harness all those in a,

Planet - Type 1
Solar System - Type 2
Galaxy - Type 3

Our civilization is not yet Type 1 and classified as Type 0.

It is my guess the most advanced Type 3 civilizations will have a fundamentally different science and technology than those of its predecessors. It will be using power that has harmonising capabilities rather than the destructive ones we have now. Science and technology will be using sattvic concepts and be in sync with religion
Dear friend,
First of all, let us be clear of what is meant by civilization ? Does it mean economic
prosperity and/or progress in Science and Technology ?

Secondly, what is this type O.

Dear Sirs,

The context implies that the term civilization is employed in a broad sense, as one that of a whole planet. Also it is western notion of progress and since it measures that in terms of harnessing of natural resources, we may assume the progress is measured by scientific and technological achievement. Anyway it is already turning out that economic prosperity is strongly related to scientific and technological advancement.

Type 0 is Type zero. It means that we have not yet been able to fully harness all the resources of even our planet
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Some observations I would like to make here on Science and Reiligion. The approach of science is bottom up where at the start the understanding of reality is very low and keeps improving with time. However almost everyone would be able to grasp scientific truth. In the case of spirituality, the approach is top down where you grasp the highest truth directly. But only a handful of individuals would be able to accomplish it.

Another major difference is the way this knowledge spreads. In the case of science, passing of knowledge is in the physical realm from one generation to the next generation. However in spirituality, the knowledge is passed from one birth to another birth through the soul or in the spiritual realm. Whereas the scientist questions the validity of the spiritualist's experience, the spiritualist questions the validity of the scientist's reality neither being able to convince the other satisfactorily.
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