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Prof. Srinivasa Varadhan

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News: Prof. Srinivasa Varadhan has been awarded the equivalent Nobel Prize in Mathematics. He is a Tamil Brahmin (Iyengar) born in Chennai.

Shame on The Hindu, the so-called 'secular' newspaper. It did not publish the news in front page. I also haven't seen any congratulatory messages from the 'yellow shawlist' (Suresh's term), Veeramani or any of those Kazhagam guys.
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This has already been posted in the following thread:

"News from the World"


Video of Prof. Varadhan


I think this is one of the greatest achievements by an Indian since the last Nobel Prize winner Subhramanyam Chandrasekhar (another TamBram). And before that, yet another Tambram (CV. Raman). If Ramanujam had been alive today, he would have won another Able. Out of 6 Nobel Prizes won by Indians, 3 have been won by Tambrams, even though they are only 0.3% of the population.
Casteist Govt

Even after two weeks, V. Anand still has not been congratulated, nor has Prof. Varadhan been congratulated, or even a statement made by any of the KKK scoundrels. One can just imagine the mega "Paaraattu Vizha" which would have been held if either of them had been a non-Brahmana, instead of this studious silence. I really do not think they have any kind of appreciation of the level of sacrifice and single-minded determination which it takes to make it to the top of the world in a field. It is a humbling experience to actually ponder over the kind of effort it takes to get there.

Well, hey, if they can "reserve" themselves into IIT/IIM etc, they probably figure they can also "reserve" themselves into a Nobel Prize or two. I predict in a few years, they will ready their "social justice" arguments and work up the audacity to lecture the Nobel Prize foundation also about a "proportionate quota" of 16% (Indian fraction of world population) from India for "social justice." One can imagine the loony bin that these idiots will turn the world into if they somehow get to power, just like they have taken India from the top to the bottom of Asia in just a few short decades.

Here are a few more "social justice" scenarios of interest that the Ramadosses can fight for:

a. 16% of seats in Harvard, MIT and Oxford to be reserved for "backward" classes from India for "social justice". Notice they do not ask for 16% seat reservations in University of Kazakhstan. They see if some place becomes successful because of the hard work and brilliance of others, and only agitate for a quota in that place.

b. 16% of US and EU budget to be set aside for "social justice" programs like free HBO connections, free burgers, and free Levi 505 denims for "backward" classes of India.

c. 10.2% sub-quota (69% of 16) in all Visas granted to US/EU/Japan to bring about "proportionate" representation of "backward" people in visitors to those countries. Also, provision of free air-tickets, and concessional visa application fees.

d. 16% quota in all Nobel Prize awards, Fields medals, and EU/US engineering awards for "backward" classes from India to atone for 2000 years of Aryan invasions into India!

The list goes on and on.. I am sure the Karus will approve, and will say the only reason the above "social justice" programs have not been adopted yet is due to a Brahmana conspiracy!
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