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private universities.

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Does anyone have any information on private university bills?

I think even there reservation is mandatory as per HRD, am I right?
But wouldn't that violate constitution?

Can private universities be located in SEZs? In that case would there still be a need to have reservations ?

Can Brahmins of the world talk to a friendly govt in say S.E.Asia or Africa and say that they will start a university(ies) there and students will come there to study and leave the country after graduation. Can this university get recognized by Iindian council of medical reasearch and AICTE kind of bodies apart from american and eurpoean universities ?

Can we start some univeristy like BITS in any other state. BTW will the 27% quota for OBC be applicable to BITS and similar universities?

Can AICTE and ICMR allow franchising of education without the involvement of the state govt or central govt in it?
why can't CA like approach be done to tech and medi education?

Why cant we have something similar to CA for tech and medi education?
Is it because of the infrastructure needs?

When I say CA like , it means an individual is on his own. he does not have to join a college to pass the exam?

I think the IT education comes sort of close to it. But not other engineering field or medicine? I am talking about franchising education as well here.

Maybe i am talking about liberating education from govt's hold.

Perhaps LQ with his experience in Indian govt services can comment on these things.
Next step.......but a fair distance away

Does anyone have any information on private university bills?

I think even there reservation is mandatory as per HRD, am I right?
But wouldn't that violate constitution?

To the best of my knowledge this is the next plan of Arjun. After securing the parliament's approval, if Arjun had his way, he was planning to introduce the bill to extend the reservation to all private aided institutions excluding minority institutions.

Naturally BJP will be up in arms for exclusion of minority institutions. I am sure it will witness good drama enacted over it.

On a different note, if this bill even gets tabled in the Parliament, it will be a good opportunity to know how "united" the "champions of downtrodden" are. Most of these private aided institutions are run by these leaders themselves & let us see how they react to the move to reserve seats which will rob them of the steepling donations & fees.

Constitutionally i am not aware whether it will stand the test, but it can be reasonably concluded that Govt "could rightfully interfere" since these institutions are "aided".

Let the Ramayan of Reservations see the end of day then we'll worry about the Mahabharath of private aided institution reservations.
foreign educational institutions bill

The union cabinet has recently cleared the foreign educational institutions bill. Some of the salient points are :

  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been entrusted with the task of regulating the entry and functioning of foreign universities.
  • FEIS will have to register with the body within six months of the bill turning law.
  • Franchising of educational institutions will not be allowed.
  • Foreign education providers will be expected to follow national laws, including those on reservations.
  • All FEIS would be accorded deemed university status.
  • The secretary, UGC, will be the ex-officio registrar of foreign educational providers; FEIS would be subject to all conditions of the UGC Act applicable to deemed universities in India, including fee fixation, admission, teaching standards.
  • A Rs 10-crore deposit has been put in as a safety clause in the bill to safeguard against fly-by-night operators.
  • Registration can be cancelled if a player gives false information or is found to be in contravention of the UGC Act.
pl ref to http://www.outlookindia.com/full.asp?fodname=20070319&fname=Arjun+Singh+(F)&sid=1
Why should there be reservation in these institutions too?

Why should there be reservation in these institutions too? ?How can it be legal and constitiutional?
What are the implications?

Can TamBrahms start some educational institiutions in states with low reservation percentage? like BITS pilani in rajasthan ?
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