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Prayers to lord Sani, in view of SAni Peyarchi


New member
Sani sthuthi

Prayer to Sani

Translated by


Chant the sani manthra given below and later do worship to him, please pardon for pad acts and receive the Prasad

1.Nama Krishnaaya neelaaya sithi kanta nibhaya cha

Salutations to him who is black, blue and resembling neck of peacock

2.Nama Kalagni roopaaya kruthanthaaya cha vai nama

Salutations to one having form of killing fire and is Lord Sani , salutations

3.Nama nirmasa dehaya deergasmasru jataya cha

Salutation to one with fleshless body and has long beard and hair

4. Nama Visala nethraaya suskodhara bhayakruthe

Salutation to one with broad eyes, dried belly and one who is fear some

5.Nama pushkalaa gaathraaya stoola romne cha vai puna

Salutations to one with strong body and long hair and again salutations

6.Nama deerghaaya sushkaaya kala damshtram namosthuthe

Salutations to one who is tall , dried and has killing teeth , salutations

7.Namasthe kota rakshaaya, durnireekshyaya vai nama

Salutations to one who grows beard and has a bad stare , Salutations

8.Namo ghoraya, roudhraya bhishanaaya karaline

Salutations to fierce , angry and fearful

9,Namasthe sarva bhakshaaya, bali mukha namosthuthe

Salutations to one who eats every thing and a powerful face

10.Soorya puthra namosthesthu bhaskae abhaya dhaya cha

Salutations to son of Sun God and one who grants protection to sun

11. Ardha drishte namasthesthu, samvarthaka namosthuthe

Salutation to one who has half stare and is like a whirl wind , salutations

12.Namo mandha gathe thubhyam nisthrimsaaya namosthuthe

Salutation to slow moving and one who is cruel , salutations

13.Jnana chakshur namosthesthu kaspathmaja soonave

Salutations to one with sight of wisdom and son of son of sage Kashyapa

14.THushto dadhaasi vai rajyam rushto harisa thath kshanaath

He who gives a country if satisfied and one who destroys it if angry

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