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Pray for a help

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Dear everybody,
May God bless you all.
Myself and my wife need a different help.
I have been n USA for th past six months. I am working as a resident physician in Cleveland Clinic, Ohio USA. My wife has been selected to do DDS (similar to BDS) in Boston University, MA, USA. She is a dentist from India. To do DDS in USA, the tution fees and college fees are about 120000 USD. Students generally take loans and pay them off once they start earning. We being on H1B visa are not eligible for loans unless cosigned by a Permenant Resident (Green Card Holder) or citizen of USA. Can anybody cosign for us? Even if they can cosign for us for only 30000 USD, we would very welcome them. We realise that it is a huge responsibility and risks involved. However to allay the potential cosigners concerns, we would pledge our properties in Bangalore to them and also we are ready to sign any bond or anything. Moreover these student loans are covered by life and disability insurance of the students which will cover upto 175000 USD in case if anything unforseeable thing happens. If you wish, we are ready even to sell our property in Bangalore for reasonable rate in USD which anyone could pay as a loan. We are quite open to any suggestion and any help. She is very keen to undertake this course and we are ready to do anything for the cosigner.
Can anybody please come forward to help us? We would really appreciate their help and we would ever be indebted to them in our life. As everybody knows, we being a doctor myself and my wife as a dentist can earn considerable amount of money once we have qualified. However we need this help for the two years only. After two years my wife will start earning and start paying back the loans.
Please please can anybody help us.
For further details, if you send me a personal message, I will contact you and provide further details about everything.
Jai Sri Ram
Dear Jaisriram:
Could you wait till June 14th? By then I should be back in the US and let me see what I could do.
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