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Praveen is partcipating in - "Chennai Speaks" - Watch this Sunday!!

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Praveen is participating in a flagship programme called "Chennai Speaks" where there will be a panel of 4-5 members who talk on various topics.
The show airs on Sunday 12pm on NDTV Hindu channel.:first:

I think it is visible only in Chennai! So Chennaites, Don't miss it!
If possible, please record and upload in YouTube for the members.

One more good news!

His interview has just been published in a website that provides research, training and educational services exclusively for the publishing industry. His is the first interview to be published in this series.
Here's the link to his interview - Blogging for Profit: Turning a Passion into Profit:clap2:

Sriram Sivaraman
Thank you Sriramji :)

As to the NDTV, i am not yet sure about where i will be, but i am in the show (confimed by ndtv today evening).

And for those who haven't seen me in person, thats the real me in the interview ;)
Best of luck, Praveen.

As the said channel is beamed only in Chennai city, please upload the highlights of the programme in our forum, for the sake of unfortunate persons like me.

yes, i saw the "blogging for profit'. the Other<< ndtv Hindu >> may be recorded and sent to othere if possible. Good luck and best wishes
btw, who is Mr.Praveen....
Just to know... out of curiosity...???
Dear Guruji:

Who is Mr. Praveen? That is like asking "who is Rajnikanth?" !!!! I am just kidding!!!!

Praveen is the founder and organizer of tamilbrahmins.com; he also maintains the servers and all the techie stuff that goes with it.

btw, who is Mr.Praveen....
Just to know... out of curiosity...???
Not open for further replies.

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