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This is about the practice of Pranayamam done during the process of Gayathri Japam and other Vaidhic rituals.

:)I have found some interesting variations, as below:

-> Inhale through the left nostril, hold, and then release through the right nostril. The Pranayama Mantra (PM) is meditated on, once while inhalation, once while holding & once while exhalation.

-> Another variation (this is from the Yajurveda Sandhyavandhanam), which is the same as above, but the PM is meditated only once during holding of breath.

-> According to the Vaishnava Dhinacharya, the method is same as above, but the PM is meditated thrice during holding of breath.

-> There is another variation for vaishnavas: sub-cycle 1 consists of the procedure as above; sub-cycle 2 is inhalation with the right nostril, holding and exhalation with the left nostril. This completes one Pranayama. The PM would be meditated 9 times during 1 cycle.

-> Yet another variation is that, apart from the last point as above, there is another sub-cycle 3 which is inhalation from left nostril, holding & exhalation through the right nostril. I dont know about the count of the PM in this method - could be a combination of any of the previous ones.

Basically, pranayama purifies the nadis (the surya & chandra), and hene any of these methods would only give positive results, if performed correctly and consistently.

Of course, longer sub-cycles/cycles would initially require strong lungs; hence it may be only one sub-cycle to get the habit going.


I have a question here. Is there any one prescribed method for brahmins as a whole? Or does it vary based on sampradayas, or any other factor? Or is it tradition (with nobody knowing why)?


P.S. In yoga there are many types of pranayama, but the Kapala Bhati is very beneficial. Yoga Master Ramdev advocates that this is the best one, something similar to a cure-all!!!
actually when doing pranayama,chanting gayathri mantram is totally enlightening to mind.simple and easy mantram to chant too.early morning noon eveningsandhya times is recommended.thnx sapthajihva as the write up is invaluable to brahmins.
Dear all...

I read before that the Pranayama technique is for Jagat Hita for Sarva Bhutani of the Manusya kind...
But a vegetarian diet is advocated for anyone who wants to follow this..thats all..
If you go by the time the vadyars give us to do the pranayamam one would be apt to conclude all that is involved is grasp your nose for a few seconds not exceeding 5. These vadyars are doing quiet well economically thank you very much.

To All: Pranayamam has to learned Techer, because some time duing the method last the control of breath and death, or paralise will accure. Nadi sutham is one of the most importent in Pranayam. Better learn from a Good Teacher and do it. s.r.k.
If you go by the time the vadyars give us to do the pranayamam one would be apt to conclude all that is involved is grasp your nose for a few seconds not exceeding 5. .....
:biggrin1: Ha ha ha... very right... I always had problems in samashti upanayanams during avani avittam... by the time I was on Om janaha... the vadhyar would have gone on to sankalpam or thathigravinna... would be left with a feeling that I had not done justice at all, to Gayathri.

So nowadays, my father and me do it by ourselves at home... even then my father has to be patient for me to finish the pranayamam (every time)!!!

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