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Poverty of the community

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Hi all,

I am Preeti Raghunath and I've just joined this website. I'm from Hyd and have been brought up in a very secular environment. I studied in a convent, arguably one of the best, where nothing in terms of religion/caste/creed were used, to differentiate between students. We were taught that there is One God and we all worship Him through different forms. So, the question of which Form is superior does not arise. However, once I stepped out of school, the society did present a very different picture----it harrassed me to no end.

I had to face a number of instances, where HATRED, PREJUDICE, RESERVATIONS, etc. literally ruined my belief in secularity. These instances shook me and I was forcibly pulled out of my naivety. In these 19 yrs of my life, it is now that I have understood how the society and the world of politics function.

I am a student of Mass Communication and Journalism, Literature and Political Science. I have been writing for The Hindu for almost 3 yrs now and have been associated with other publications and causes. I intend doing my research in Development Communication, which means, I will be taking up social issues, development concerns, etc.I would love to work on Tribal Development in remote areas and also explore Temple Cities in Tamil Nadu. As a person, I am spiritual and I believe that reaching God is the sole aim of our soul.

As secular as I am, I believe that Brahmins today have become the most down-trodden. I, of course, hate to divide the society and look at Tamil Brahmins as a separate group, but we are FORCED TO DO SO, in today's times. Political Leaders have all taken to caste-based n communal-based voting. We have been hit badly, to say the least.

I know so many families, relatives and family-friends, who have not been able to cope with this disparity. In our community, well-to-do and upper/lower middle class families have taken loans/used other methods to educate their kids, who have now migrated to other parts of the world, thanks to the high percentage of reservation in our country today! The poor ones, who continue the tradition of being vadhyars at temples, have sent their kids to vedapatashalais and continue to struggle with poverty. Others, unable to bear the atrocities and with no go, have converted to other religions or have registered as BCs/SCs, getting a fake certificate as proof. One can, at any time, choose to convert to another religion. However, the motive should be Faith and not compulsion as a result of atrocity.

Looking at the sad state of affairs, I do intend taking up the issue of our community, in future. I need immense support, since this task is no meagre one. I cannot do it individually. WE need to do it. for OURSELVES, our HERITAGE and for OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Any suggestions/ideas/initiatives, to take this cause for the development of our community, are welcome. It is OUR vision and I hope we unite for this noble cause.

I dream of the day when I would own a Media House and take up activities of development of rural tribals/downtrodden. I hope to recruit members of our community, without of course shutting the doors for all others. No reservation, working towards developing one society, one community and one vision....that of helping our fellow-humans. I do not intend sounding preachy, but present before you a heart-felt desire. We could, together, raise funds, adopt the education of members of our community and take up developmental activities for the society.

This, according to me, is the best way to counter a number of problems:

1) A career option for many, where reservations don’t ruin hopes
2) A vision to develop our country
3) An initiative to bridge the gap and the so-called rivalry between the so-called high class Brahmins and the so-called socially backward classes.
4) Upholding our culture and heritage and feeling proud of our lineage.
5) Directing our lives in this materialistic world, towards the spiritual quest of all our lives---the very reason behind our birth

At no point, does this mean, we are separate from other religions/communities. WE are all one-we are all Indians. However, wouldn't we as humans help those who've been meted out the same treatment, as those of our community? This is NOT a Communal Act, but Humanistic Approach; to uphold our rich culture and heritage and to revive spirituality and a more simplistic, holy and holistic approach to this beautiful journey called life.
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If anyone has not yet read this, I request you to please read it: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...ce_of_sporting_tilaks/articleshow/3677616.cms

I have a few questions for Mr.Chief Minister:


1) Why are you wearing a yellow shawl?

2) Why are you wearing black glasses?

3) Your wife wears a big bottu. Are you able to change her ways ?

4) Why are you not opposing the use of muslim arabi-rumaals, skull caps and burkha. Are they appearing as "secular" to you? Please explain what is your definition of secularism?

5) Muslims differentiate on everything in the present time (and will continue to do in future) based on the halal concept. Are they appearing as a society based on "equality" to you? May I know, what is your definition of equality?

6) Why are you not opposing the use of Crosses by Christians or turbans by Sikhs? Does equality mean only anti-hindusim ? Achieved by pouncing on the brahmin, for no rhyme or reason, for an incident with no connection to any brahmin (ref: caste-related violence in Madurai as reported in the newspaper article).

I am a hindu because I am secular.

No other religion has given me the opportunity to dabble in various philosophies, or taught me to disagree (on idealogies and philosophies) with love as much as the sanaatan faith has.

I will remain a hindu.

And as long as I remain a hindu, I will need a priest all my life. There is nothing anyone can do about it. I will not change my ways.

I am an ordinary Indian. I number more than half a billion.

Thanq for the response. I've been posting on orkut as well. The response has been a mixture....mostly discouraging. I understand that this could be a waste of people's time, but IT IS VERY IMP. I only hope and pray, people understand the need to help their fellow humans and save them from all the atrocities taking place.
Hello Preeti,
Good thought. I have been screaming the same as well all along. We need a centralized organization which runs without the motive of money and power. Believe me, you will be discouraged a lot. See the number of responses you have got in this very post and the number of views on it.

We Indians want someone to come from heaven to fix our problems. We are hoping that Kalki avatar will fix the problems in Tamil Nadu. He might very well do it, but are we going to sit tight till He descends? Well, I differ from those who say yes.

The Vedas, Upanishads and Sanskrit must be reaching the boy in the slums. The brahmins must come out of their shell and teach their wisdom to the needy. Then their lost respect will be regained. They ought to grow strong.

Here are some of the points which I believe in.

1. An organization, an NGO whose money transactions are as clear as the Himalayan water must be formed.

2. The NRI Brahmins and those who are well to do in this same country, should come forward in donating for the welfare of their community. Failing to do so will result in trimming of this community by external forces. So it is better to wake up.

3. This money, should be used in educating the poor, which includes the Brahmins. Schools must be opened where our Culture and Tradition are taught in the way they are suppose to be. NO DONATION CRAP...!!!! Free Education.

4. This money, should be spent in making them stronger both physically and mentally.

5. This community should register like Thambraas and work towards the welfare of Brahmins as a whole. There will be political turmoils, but we need to tackle it in the right sense. "A frog in the well" or கிணற்றுத் தவளை mentality will not help. If we are a global community, support must be obtained from all the brahmins across the word if there is a problem. Unity & Strength. This is the keyword.

6. Adopt villages. Teach them their great past, like Swami Vivekananda said. Follow His foot steps and we are bound to see success.

All the above rests on the co-operation and support from Brahmins across the world.

Come on brave men & women! We have slept enough. Now let's wake up and do something!
Hello Preeti,

The majority of the brahmin today sense the need for unity, but are clueless as to the "how"... and tambraas does not seem to strike a chord with our community...

The responses may be little as there are other posts that deal with the same subject (including threads of mine) and hence it may be redundant to repeat views... See, even in this forum, there have been many (including me) calling for unity, but nothing still done about it!!!

I now feel that it may not be the intent that discourages, rather the modus operandi which may stall the community in encouraging... for such an organization, the ground-word not properly done and implemented, may very well fade into non-existence. It would require full time workers among many other factors to build such an entity.


We share the same frequency, I believe, as regards brahmin unity. I am working on the feasibility of such a project in the state on Tamil Nadu only. A lawyer in Chennai (who was referred to me by another member of this forum) has expressed his willingnes to look into the matter. There are several others in this forum who look forward to such a "Trust", if I may use the term here.

I believe in establishing the unity of our community first and then to the other community. Too many goals would defeat the very purpose. The broad idea is to have a presence throughout tamilnadu (both in formal and informal ways) to have a better reach. Immediate goals (after the feasibility assessment) would be to extend financial support to the needy brahmins...

I am currently in the UAE and hence may not be able to volunteer my physical effort to this project; so it is crucial to identity "courageous" and motivated brahmins to undertake this...

I also believe that we should "hire" interested brahmins and not rely solely on volunteer work. My aim is to avoid in-fighting and bloated egos which are the frequent obstacles to our unity.

There are people who would see the progress and the success of the entity, before committing themselves to it...

It may be premature to comment in detail on this, but just to let you know.

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Pranaams Seshadri Sir,
Thanks a lot for the post. I am indeed waiting so eagerly that something of this sort should be done. I will be waiting to know more about this and would contribute in whatever ways I could.
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