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Portrayal of brahmins in public life

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My dear people:

As everyone would appreciate, brahmins are portrayed in a very bad taste for quite some time - including the so-called "Ulaga Nayagan" Kamalhasan, "Iyakkunar Sigaram" K Bala chander, Visu, Crazy Mohan, S V Sekar and Delhi Ganesh and others - whether it be drama or cinema.

Added to this, in most of the movies/dramas, brahmin couples never speak the brahmin accent besides mocking the way of dressing - husband with vibhoothi pattai and wife with sricharanam and so on!

These directors are either casual or ignorant of the difference between an iyer and iyengar way of dressing.

Further, in all the movies, the heroine (all the brahmin heroines) will go after rowdies and always admire and run after them without any reluctance! Brahmin girls are always an eyesore to the film/drama directors.

None of the magazines, associations, popular persons like CHO, S V Sekar and others will never raise their voice against this nonsense which is just going on without any questions. The pity is, some of ou own producers/
directors are also a party to this.

On top of all these things there is always sarcastic comments from time to time from the CM of Tamilnadu.

Last but not the least, most of our boys and girls, who are well educated and employed are also least worried about the identity and value of our race. Where is the need for choosing boys/girls from other communities
in the name of love, destroying the hopes of parents who are generally against such marriages. We need not hate or discriminate other communities and religions; but why there is no thoughts over the value of our community and the rich cultural heritage we possess, before we take a decision on marriage. We are minority community and if things do not change, we may be a forgotten community shortly!

It is not enough if we earn and live a decent life with devotion to god etc. It is imperative on our part to keep the community together and take care of our elders, particularly parents who very badly need our help and warmth in their old age.

It is time for the brahmins to think and think as the very foundation is being slowly eroded by intercaste marriages.

I have found a forum to pour out my mind which was biting me all these years for you to ponder over. It is not my intention to hurt anybody.
Thank you my people.
It is true. Since brahmins are very soft, the cinima as well as our CM are taking full advantage to destory the image of brahmins.
Anumani Sir..!
Brahmins are not soft. THEY ARE WEAK. They don't have strength. I am sorry. We don't have strength. The survival of the fittest, is the keyword.

When the Brahmins were mocked for the first time, we kept quiet, fair enough. But when it continued for the next couple of times, we did not dare to speak because the Government was/is against us. This is because we are weak.

Weakness in body and mind is digging its grave for the brahmins. They do not follow their dharma. The number of brahmins doing their daily Sandhya is very very less. விரல் விட்டு எண்ணிடலாம்.

ப்ராமணர்களின் மரியாதை அவர்களின் கையிலே தான் உள்ளது. இது தமிழ் ப்ராமணர் மட்டுமல்ல அனைவருக்கும் தகும்.

சுப்ரமணிய பாரதி ஒரு ப்ராமணன். அவரை எதிர்க்க மற்றவர்களுக்கு பயம். ஏன்? அவர் ஒரு சிங்கமாய்த் திகழ்ந்ததால் தான்.

ப்ராமணர்கள் சக்தி கொள்ள வேண்டும். எழுச்சி கொள்ள வேண்டும். வீரத்திற்கு ஒரு குறைவுமில்லை நம்மிடம். கொஞ்சம் பயம். அவ்வளவுதான்.

We need an organization. We need discipline. Inner strength. Upon this will be built the great Brahmin who will shine like ever before.
hi all,
brahmins are not weak..........my background is INDIAN ARMY....but
we follow some rules for the society.......we have intellectual knowledge.
we dont have unity......we can be strong......i know many brahmins
are generals in ARMY....WE HAVE STRENGTH........HISTORY OF

TBS Sir,
My salute to an Indian Soldier first up.

You are correct. We do not have unity. Also, Brahmins, most of them, are weak. There are exceptions in everything. The same applies to us as well.

With unity comes Strength. With Strength comes unity. They are binded together.
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