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Dear all,

This is Venkat. New member to this community. very happy to join and know the in depth religion and rituals.
Now, my doubt.
Accidentally, in a small fight, my poonal got cut... and i wanted to change it, but couldn't buy one since i cant find one in my locale... its been 3 days now...
How bad is it?... what prayaschitham is in there for that..
And also, i need to know the proper procedure and mantrams from removal of poonal to wearing it new again.
i know the 'yagnyo paveetham paramam..' and 'upaveetham binnathandam'..
But not the proper procedure... pls guide me... will be helpful there is any link..

You can buy poonal on online from Giri trading agency cheenai. Kindly note in the next thread in vaideekam basic for poonal dharanam is also there. Download it and do it as written in the new poonal dharana vidhi. to be continued
YAGYOUPAVEEDHA DHAARANAM. Achamanam.suklambaradaram; omboohoo. mamopatha samastha duridhayakshayathdwara sri parameswara pretthyartham srautha smartha vihitha nithya karma anushtaana yogyatha sidhyartham brahma thejo abhvrithyartham yagyopaveetha dhaaranam karishyae.

yagyopaveetha dehaarana maha manthrasya parabrahma rishi thrustup chanthaha paramathma devatha.

Yagyopaveetham paramam pavithram prajaapatheryath sahajam purasthaath aayushyam agniyam prathimuncha subhram yagyapaveetham bhala masthu thejaha. om.wear the new poonal.

to remove the old poonal upaveetham bjnna thanthum jeernam kashmala dhooshitham visrujami jalae brahman varcho dheergaayurasthumae. aachamanam.

You may buy one sandhyavandhanam book on online from giri trading. in which these manthras will be there.

Where are you residing ? If in mylapore, near kapali temple and
mada streets they are available. If in mambalam , ayodhya mandapam
,if in Tnagar, siva vishnu temple . Quite a few places. Look for it
near the temples or ask you sastrigal.
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