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Poojas and homams

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In reply to upanayanam days i am giving here the details. First UTHIRAYANAM; From 16 th january to 15th july every year is the best one. Tamil month MAASI month is good. STARS; aswathi;rohini; mirugasiesham;punarpoosam;poosam;uthiram; hastham;chithrai;swathi; anusham; uthiraadam; thiruvonam; avittam; sadayam; uthirathadhi; revathy.

THITHI; dwithiyayi;thruthiyai; panchami; sapthami;dasami;ekadasi ;dwadasi;thrayodasi, in sukla patcham and in krishna patcham:dwithiyai, thruthiyay, and panchami. LAGNAM; rishabam;mithunam; katakam;kanni;thulam;dhanus; meenam.

The eighth place from lagnam should be empty. without any planets. During the period of mars asthamanam and/or neecham sama vedics should not do upanayanam. For rig vedis guru neecham or asthamanam; for yajur vedis sukrassthamanam or neecham and for atharvana vedam budan neecham or asthaman should not be there for upanayanam.

THARA PALAM; CHANDRA PALAM MUST BE THERE. KASARA YOGAM IS A MUST. Panchagam must be seen. If required panchaka preethi must be done. Thyaajyam for thithi,star, day.and lagnam should be seen./checked.

Un matching stars for subha muhurthangal; From the Birth star of one (male or female) 1,3,5,7,10,14,19,22, and 27 stars are not good. From the chandra rasi the 8th rasi 2 1/4 stars are not good. THITHI: chathurthy, shasty, astami;navami; dwadasi and chathurdasi are not good; YOGANGAL; Marana yogam;uthpadha yogam; Prabhalarishta yogam are not good. KARI NAAL AND DHANIYA NAAL should be avoided,

Rahu kalam; yama kandam; kuligai kalam; and tuesday and saturday are not good. for upanayanam the very next day of the Brahmopadesam day should not be a anadhyayanam day. that is New moon and Fulmoon day the previous day and the next day of the newmoon and full moon day and krishna pathcha astami days are anadhyayanam days. you can chant the vedas which you have learned in the previous days.

GURU BHALAM; If the guru is in lagnam, kendram;thirikonamor in ucchham thithi vaaram etc. dosham will not be there. If the chandran is on Rohini star no dosham for thithi, vaaram ,navagraha dosham and guligai will be there. If there is on that particular month two new moon or two full moon or on that month no tamil madha pirappu or two tamil madha pirapuu on the month subha muhurtham on these months should be avoided. chithrai and vaikasi are exception for this rule. There are plenty of exceptions are also there.

To be continued.
Generally for an auspicious homams - as per Muhurtha Chinthamani, we are required to calculate where the Agni resides. For this a computation has been prescribed as under
All Auspicious homams needs to be done during Sukla Paksham (ie. Where the moon grows ie from Amavasai). Hence the counting starts from Prathamai (First day after Amavasyai).
Say for eg.
Ganapathi homam done on 1[SUP]st[/SUP] September 2011 being Vinayakar Chathurthi.
Total no of Days = 4 (From Prathamai to Chathurthi)
Add 1 to it = 4+1 =5
The day falls on Thursday. Hence from Sunday compute how many days to Thursday = 5 (bit ambiguous only here – however If anyone can throw light it will be great – I think this is correct by studying the Muhurtha chinthamani – however practical insight is preferred from experts)
Total the above both 5+5 = 10
Reduce 4 from the above 10-4 = 6
Divide the same by 3 ; 6/3 and get the reminder.
The reminder 6 divided 3 = 0.
If the reminder is 0 or 3 then it has to be understood that Agni is in Boo Lokam (Earth).
If the reminder happens to 1 or 2 then the Agni resides in Patala Loka (Below Earth)
Implications: While the Agni residing at Boo Lokam (Earth) Favourable
If Agni resides in Patala Loka (Below Earth) then its not Favourable.
Hope this is useful.
For Agnihotram, Aupasanam and Samithadhanam there is no stipulations as its all nithyakarma
Chandramouleeswarar in Sringeri is very famous because the Lingam was
presented to Shri Adhi Shankara, has been installed there. A visit to
Sringeri will bring lot of benefits.

All forms of divinity are the reflection of the Supreme Brahman(God).
On a personal note..I always start off prayers with the recital of AUM three times and next I recite the Ganesh Mantra which I choose for the day.
I keep chanting different mantras daily just to keep my memory alive.
I prefer chanting from memory so that one makes an attempt to understand and memorize it.( but no harm if you read it too)

AUM 3 x
Ganesh Mantra

Then I follow some unwritten rule of sequence of bhajans.

Sarva Dharma
Hanuman Chalisa
Atma Shatakam

Mantras: Asato ma sad gamaya
Gayatri Mantra
Surya Gayatri
Sai Gayatri

Maha Mrtunjaya Mantra
Om Purnamadha Purnam idam
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu


This is the sequence I follow for my own liking.


You may kindly end it with a "Shama Mantra" indicating that if I have done any
mistake in chanting Slokas or Mantras or in acts/deeds"

Manathraheenam Kriyaheenam Bakthiheenam Sureswari or Sureswara
Yathboojitham Mayadevi Paripoornam Thathasthume

Though you are Dhanwantri to others, for your wellbeing you can
also kindly add and chant "Dhanwantri" Gayathri

Om Adhivaidhyaya Vidmahe Aarogya Anugrahaaya Dheemahi
Tanno Danvanthri Prachodayath.

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