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I have always pondered,while our ways of life is so complete with all instructions under the Sun,yet as a nation,we are not acknowledged to be amongst the top five nations of United Nations.

Our religioin has a manthra,tantra,yantra, for every known sitiuation of mankind.But yet we are only a developing nation still.

Any thoughts on this,will quell my ponderings.Thank you !.

the developing nation/developed nation is, in my opinion, based on non-religious views and more on materialistic

The term developed country is used to describe countries that have a high level of development according to some criteria. Which criteria, and which countries are classified as being developed, is a contentious issue and there is fierce debate about this. Economic criteria have tended to dominate discussions. One such criterion is income per capita and countries with high gross domestic produc (GDP) per capita being described as developed countries. Another economic criterion is industrialization. Countries in which the tertiary and quaternary sectors of industry dominate being described as developed. More recently another measure, the Human Development Index, which combines with an economic measure, national income, with other measures, indices for life expectancy and education has become prominent. Developed countries being those with a high (HDI) rating. However, many anomalies exist when determining "developed" status by whichever measure is used.
Developing country is a term generally used to describe a nation with a low level of material well being. There is no single internationally-recognized definition of developed country, and the levels of development may vary widely within so-called developing countries, with some developing countries having high average standards of living.

source: wikipedia
Praveen: Absolutely!

Western media, and the European writers of such things have been ignoring India for years. Their ethnocentric views tend to infiltrate all the books etc.

I think India is the most developed country by far, but then I ask different questions than the average European. Such as:

How old and intricate is culture including such things as dance, music, and architecture?

How happy is the average person?

Whay are the goals of the individual within the society?

Aum Namasivaya
Shree Praveen,

the developing nation/developed nation is, in my opinion, based on non-religious views and more on materialistic

Thank you for the wiki source.Our Maha Lakshmi goddess is the adi devathai for wealth.Our Maha Saraswathy is adi devathai for knowledge.Our Maha Parvathy is adi devathai for Valour & courage.

But,yet we borrow technology,that is not indigenous.We are constantly looking outside of us,to develop.

Without material progress,we cannot survive.Our land reforms are not changed to keep agriculture production in a mass scale.Our reservation system is clogging up good meritorius people from shining.

Brain drain is happening.Despite solar source available in abundance,we are importing fossil fuels,which is a huge burden on our ex-chequer?

Is it lack of leadership or is it machinations of powers beyond our borders?

Thank You!.

Dear Sri Gopal Ji,

Let me throw in my two cents. I agree with Sri Eastern Mind Ji on how to assess India on certain criteria. While I agree that civilizationally we come out ahead in terms of religious, philosophical and happiness indexes, we have some serious problems regarding certain other indexes that need to be measured for modern times:

1. Wealth: National wealth today is very important for advancement of the society. It is easy to reject wealth if you do not have it. It is much more difficult to channel it towards proper activities for the society's welfare if you have it.

2. Egalitarianism: This is one of the mort impostant indexes to indicate that all people in the society are valued the same at the gross level. India lags behind in this area.

3. Meritocracy: The right person for a job is a very important concept. This is the only way one keeps both the economic and the cultural lives of a country going.

4. Political maturity: People deserve their leaders. We have a messy democracy, that will take time to mature.

5. A national spirit: One country, one people is not how Indian citizens today think. So, the system of getting an empty seat on a train (bump away others to grab it) applies.

Unless we improve on the above, India will be recognized as a potential giant who can never take her rightful place amongst the nations and not fulfill the potential.

interesting topic.

i think krs sir has given a lucid presentation of what / where india needs to do more to be ranked among the top 5.

personally speaking, i think of india as an enigma. it succeeds where you dont expect it to and fails where you least expect it to.

we are among the few nations to have a moon mission but we are also probably the only nation that allowed plague to make a return ;

we can be sanctimonious about our culture almost to the point of not being able to defend it ;

we pride on being the largest democracy but alas we are also the only nation whose territorial borders are in a dispute ;

we would circulate chain mails about how life carried on during the mumbai flooding and equally we would be callous about farmer's committing suicides.

we would get outraged by a mandira bedi wearing a saree with the indian flag near her toe, but we would never bother to get dawood ibrahim brought to justice ;

murderers can get away, pickpockets will be publicly thrashed.

our scams can be hi-tech and sophisticated ranging from stock markets, stamp papers, guns to something like coffins and cattle fodder.

we would have a brave, impetuous lady run our nation, declare emergency and we would also have a lady in the kitchen turn a cm next day.

we'll have our own version of imelda marcos and we'll also have a kamaraj.

we continue to have saamiyaars of all hues arrack drinking to womanising and we'll claim that we are the land of ramana maharishi and vivekananda.

we'll have a mani shankar iyer, jairam ramesh and kapil sibal share power with a lalu yadav and ram vilas paswan.

we'll have a right wing hindu party elect a muslim president and a supposedly secular christian lady refuse power.

india is an enigma.

i dont think by any stretch of imagination could we try to rank india among comity of nations. i think the world is incapable of ranking india.

the only solution i can think of is to institute an india award for indianess and award it to india.

however ridiculous the suggestion may seem to be, i see no other way. i dont think any indian could effectively understand india and so for an outsider it's almost impossible.

the question whether development should be determined on materialistic development or spiritual is very intriguing. certainly i dont have any answers.

this is the question which was examined in some detail by edward luce in his book, 'inspite of gods', a book which i have part read.

another book which examines this issue, ofcourse from a personal point of view is 'shantaram' again, part read.

in my mind, there's no definitive answer to this question.

should we be lulled into inaction by the spiritual leadership of our nation and do nothing about 800 million living on less than rs. 20 per day ?

on the other end of the spectrum do fast cars, sprawling malls, easy credit, fast food, fine wines, kitsch music, easy relationships represent development ?

the more i think, the less i seem to understand.

one thing is for sure though : i dont think india can be evaluated on any conventional basis, for there's nothing that will ever be conventional about india.
Great views on ..... what's missing with MOTHER INDIA !

The first thing that comes into my mind is the talent lost by letting its citizens go out of its boundaries --East, West , north and south looking for jobs initially and then settling into luxurious habitats .

How I wish a small percentage of these resources could have effectively contributed in shifting the position of our country from a developing to a developed nation !

It will all be dreams if we are a spectator , isn't it high time when our thought process could help to bring into reality the 3-4 essential definitions , which shri KRS ji has mentioned above ( mudiyum ana mudiyathu !!)

And from Mr.hari's listing of ups and downs , it is evident that India's awakening is not far away and we the citizens are to blame for our History in not making into top 5 . My opinion is that most of us have remained self centered and do not effectively contribute much towards improvement , learning from bad experiences and willing to change things !

Is the FEAR factor standing TALL ??
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I agree with the views of Hariharanji. India is a country which cannot be slotted. As the Lonely Planet guys say, you find 20 different countries within a country. And I think that is what makes India tick. Lack of homogeneity ensures that there is never one dull moment in India. A foreigner is probably put off by the sights and sounds when he arrives for the first time but then is gradually enthralled that after some time it becomes difficult for him to leave. Again comparisons with other developed Western countries is not realistic due to the checkered history we had for the last 1000 years. We as a nation and culture have survived where others have withered and confined to history.

Development with a wholly materialistic view point is cyclical as we can see the rise and fall of many empires over a long period of time. Development has to be backed by a spiritual set-up in order to survive over a longer period of time. If we can address the points mentioned by KRSji and back it up with a spiritual mind-set, I think we can set off the reverses of the last 1000 years and march forward.

Here if I can take the opportunity to ask members to subscribe to the e journal which comes out of the Aurobindo Society. It contains extraordinary articles on management written with a spiritual angle to them.
Sirs,Indians should set standards as per their requirements only.Not comparing with other standards of the world.Unless Indian standards are set,the concept of developed will never fall into place.

Meaning,we have to be independent,first in every aspect of life.I believe,our political leaders bring vedantham instead of raja-neethy's.Only leaders shape the mass not the other way around.

Take this,new burning issue.Expulsions of Jaswant Singh.I have never seen any stupid act for the past 48 years in my life.The flip side is,the book has got publicity and roaring sales is going on.

Which brings to the burning question,why do abrahamic faith people hate Indians?

Thank you!.

Abrahamic religions do not hate Indians. They are just scared. Free thought goes against their philosophy. The questioning mind is threat to their very existence. The moment we start accepting their word as final, there will be no hate. However, the world will be a boring place to be in. God might choose to close the show in the event of that ever happening. Hari Om.
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