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Politicians- todays world

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This is purely my opinion without any any intension of wounding anybody.
Politicians today ADD thier Wealth by SUBTRACTING many of our hard earned money through taxes by sheer MULTIPLICATION of dubious methods of earning, ofcourse by DIVIDING people by Caste for getting votes to come into power. They ADD the woos to already suffering people by SUBTRACTING thier individuality of leading a decent life through MULTIFICATION of false promises which completely DIVIDE them in the society.Today if one has observed in politics, slowly and steadily OLDEN DAYS OF ruling by a king, with a difference,it is a transfer & Share of power to and among family members purely planned and excuted by A SELF CENTRED AND UNSCRUPULUS POLITICIANS.So I wish and request in this chathurthi day all members to
ADD Through various possible ways depending upon individual's will and wish to improve the living standards of our poor surrounding/known to us, by SUBTRACTING all or some of the reduntant discussions regarding who is what than MULTIFLYING the avenues with which this forum can be put in to best use for development of individual character still to higher levels sothat no DIVISION is made among ourselves as this is a wonderful platform to improve not only ourselves as well of people who are suffering for even one meal a day.
Hello Ramani,
Welcome to this Forum.
As rightly said by you politicians multiply their wealth.But they end up in either spending their time in places like Thihar or keep them in Swiss.They have to live with fear.Truth and Justice will prevail.We hear with the hidden wealth if brought there won't be person in India 'without food for onetime'.

Not open for further replies.

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