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******* - Political identity

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I have read in recent news that ******* has floated a Political outfit and plan get into coming Tamilnadu state assembly elections.

Although I welcome such a move..I am not sure how the outcome of it. We have seen lot community based Political outfit coming at the time election and vanished after elections.

The first task of the ******* should be bring out the brahmins and get them voted. I personally feel Brahmins percentage of voting is comparitively less and the show of strength is negligible. Thats the reason we are always a neglected society compared to other oufits. Thats the reason Jayalalitha had the dare to put Sanakaracharya behind the bars....If he is guilt of doing against the law..Yes i would also support it and as well Jayalalitha should have the dare to put any relegious person who does any task against the law......

How Brahmins are going to prove their strength in such an Political environment were the masses determine. Still the dravidian & other caste oufits openly critisise brahmins. I hope we all should understand that this not a brain game...were we excel.

We need to start a silent revolution in bringing up the community. We need a self less forum to identify needs of the needy and have a channel to attain the needs.

I am sure we can take the initiative and make this as an opportunity. Although a set of layer in the community has attained a growth educationally, economically which can have a life without the support of any Government or anybody. But still the larger population of the community living down in the village to be uplifted.

We need to identify the genuine familes and work on uplifting them educationally & economically.

A bit of selfless hardwork is needed considering the future generation of the community and we need to leave behind a socially secured life for them.

Kindly let me have your inputs and although this thought is very premature & to be worked out in a constructive manner and we achieve the goal......with a silent revolution

You can reach me in my mail Id [email protected]

Ganesh, i agree your views. but the possiblity of the outcome is very less. its true fact we should agree that we don't have any political identity. One more fact is that we don't have any cruke mind or narrow mind to involve caste in politics. Even Rajaji doesn't entertain that. We are generous people by nature and fearful(It Tastes bad but its truth).
Hi rsridhar, I am not sure we can generalize whether brahmins have a cruke mind or not, even though, a majority percentage of brahmins are perceived to shy away from cunning or bad behaviour, this perception is not objectively established. But the issue is not whether brahmins are cunning or not, but rather, the survivalability of brahmins in the futures considering onslaught against brahmins in all spheres, that is, political, social and governmental on one side, onslaught by missionaries and evangelists on the other side. This being the case I am not sure what brahmins can do or need to do make ourselves survive at best and be successful in the long run!.
It is not the time to speak the previous failures and our tiny difficulties
we must stand against the deletion of our community from the Indian national heridity
and there are many plots are going on to ruin once for all our community.
Samashti upanayanams and collection of contributions are not our present requirements .We will have to stand and organize our community to fight against this deletion.
Every brahmin youth should take oath to lift another poor brahmin youth in the society
[2] Every rich in our community should pay some thing to the uplift ment of our community
[3] The governments Press Medias Judicial Constitution is not supporting our community Reservation policy dominates in all places of our oppertunities
So We don't have a way to survive and live with respect.
It is the time to think and speak to our brothers and organize them and act
to our new dawn Then only
Ramanujar sankarar ,...Bharathi will appreciate us Otherwise We will be thrown out as litter in the dust bin

Sakthi Ravichandran MA,M.Phil[ Phd]
******* brahmins

dt. 1.6.2008


Ya I agree the selfless persons alone can uplift this community

The General draw back in our community is tht every one wants to beleaders and no folowers.

Ya ******* Narayanan did a good job of bringing Brahmins inone forum i attended one of the congeration in chenai.

The comunity is highly inteligent but bdly disunited. Every devout Brahmin chant rudra, but you know evey one is proud of hi own chanting and does not folow the geneal rule of cnting nor accept othrs inteligent.

we are divided by proceadures.

Theavaniavitamcongeragation is one exampleof our fatih in Poonal at the same time not doing sandhyavandanam daily is also an example of our disfaith in the system..

Every comunity is united inthe name of their comunic but we are exception to the comunity feeling.

unless this situatiion chanages dooms day for brahmin is not far off.

Not open for further replies.

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