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Police officer caught cheating in exam ‘after wife set up hi-tech dark web method’

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Shocking!! There was a huge hue & cry when NEET candidates were subjected to rigorous check during the entrance examination!!

[h=1]Police officer caught cheating in exam ‘after wife set up hi-tech dark web method’[/h]
Adam Smith
Saturday 11 Nov 2017 11:03 pm


Cheating Indian police officer Safeer Karim with his wife Joicy Joyce: (Picture: Facebook/Safeer Karim) A police officer has been caught red-handed cheating during an exam reportedly using a hi-speed connection to the dark-web provided by his wife.
Indian Police Service officer Safeer Karim is alleged to have used a micro camera mounted on his chest connected to Google drive and then his wife Joicy Joyce would read out test answers via Bluetooth.
Hyderabad police arrested Joyce on Tuesday for allegedly helping Karim cheat in the civil services examination.
She was reportedly helped in the hi-tech cheating scam by a technology expert and family friend Dr P Rambabu, who was also arrested.
The police seized computer hard disks, laptops, an iPad and other gadgets from pair.

Indian police officer Safeer Karim (Picture: Facebook/Safeer Karim) Inspector Srinivas Rao told The Hindustan Times: ‘We have handed both the accused to a team of Chennai police. They are interrogating the accused now in Hyderabad, before taking them to Chennai.
‘Officer Karim was not satisfied with the selection for the Indian Police Service and he resorted to malpractice.’
Karim was serving as additional superintendent of police in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunalveli district, he could face dismissal as he is still a probationer.

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