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Poem for Children - The Might of Nature - No disclaimer applies


The Sun rises on the horizon,
Bathing the earth in unearthly glow;
The denizens of the earth wake up,
To marvel at its splendorous light.

The stream rushes down the mountains,
Gurgling and charting its course;
Sweeping everything in its path,
Pebbles, plants, boulders and trees.

The oceans and rivers on the earth,
Thunder and roar with a mighty uproar;
The enormous waves lash the earth,
Trying to devour it up as it were.

The sky darkens and the cloud bursts,
Pelting the earth with storm and rain;
The forests and hills awash with green,
Nothing more beautiful can be seen.

The gently falling snow on earth,
Covers everything in radiant white;
A dense fog, a gentle mist,
Obliterates everything from our midst.

Man tries to harness the mighty nature,
To be at his beck and call;
It laughs at his puny attempts,
And wreaks vengeance on one and all.

© V. Balasubramanian

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