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Active member
I hate to post this thread, but people like Mr. Sravna post threads as if India is heaven for all Indians. I want to give counter to this ultra-nationalistic view.

India has achieved great heights in 76 years of its independence, but it is not an ideal society for all Indians.

The total number of internal migrants in India, as per the 2011 census, is 45.36crore or 37% of the country’s population. This includes inter-state migrants as well as migrants within each state, while the recent exodus is largely due to the movement of inter-state migrants.

While there is no official data for the inter-state migrants in the country, estimates for 2020 have been made by Professor Amitabh Kundu of Research and information System for Developing countries. His estimates, which are based on the 2011 Census, NSSO surveys and economic survey, show that there are a total of about 65 million inter-state migrants, and 33 per cent of these migrants are workers. By conservative estimates, 30 per cent of them are casual workers and another 30 per cent work on regular basis but in the informal sector.

While some in India dismiss the ordeal of these individuals as a necessary trade off in the fight against Covid-19, we must not forget that every person in India has a fundamental right to livelihood under Article 21 of our constitution. Unfortunately, the Indian government has failed to protect this inalienable right during this crisis.


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