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Please stop this nama war

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Hi Friends,
This is in Deccan herlad(you can see it deccanherlad.com) dated 27/11/2008 .
Thursday, November 27, 2008 .submitbt{ BACKGROUND- NewsNationalStateDistrictCityBusinessForeignSportsCommentsEdit PagePanoramaNet MailInfolineIn City TodayHelpLineFestivals of IndiaLetters to Editor
Deccan Herald » State » Detailed StoryMuzrai department in a fix over namaDH News Service,Mandya: The Muzrai department is in a dilemma as to what nama (tilak) should be put on Sri Yoganarasimhaswamy, the presiding deity of Melukote in Mandya district pending a dispute in the High Court.
“We are waiting for the verdict of the High Court which will decide whether to affix the Tengalai nama or Vadagalai nama,” said Jayaprakash, executive officer of the temple.

The Tengalai nama resembles English ‘Y’ with a red line in the centre of the nama and with a base. The Vadagalai nama resembles the word ‘U’ and the centre line will be in yellow colour.

According to temple sources, they were using only Vadagalai type of nama for the temple and the deity. However, the nama along with jewellery were lost in a temple burglary this year.
Meanwhile, the temple authorities started using the Tengalai type of nama in the temple after the burglary. This received criticism from the people of Vadagalai tradition and the matter went to the High Court. The devotees are waiting for the court’s verdict.

Earlier, the local court of Srirangapatna disposed off the case asking the temple authorities to follow Tengalai tradition of applying nama on the Lord’s forehead.

Not to be used again

According to official sources, in 1912, during the Maharaja’s tenure, it was said that if any items are burgled in the temple, the same type of item and tradition should not be used again. But if at all the same items are found then they may be used again. But, now the devotees belonging to Vadagalai tradition are adamant and insist that the same type of tradition should be followed. As Tengalai tradition is being followed, the nama should also be of the same type, argue the devotees belonging to Tengalai.

Since the devotees of the both the tradition have not reached a compromise, the case is in the court. The tilak which is being used at present, is to be followed till the disposal of the case, it is learnt.
Hi all,
This is dated on same paper on 13/12/2008.
The Muzrai and Endowment department has stated that it has not changed the nama style at the Yoganarasimha swamy temple at Melkote in Mandya district. During a hearing at the High Court on Friday, the department submitted that the earlier style of nama was being continued at the temple.
Anandalwan, a member of the Tengalai sect had moved the HC challenging anointing the deity with Vadalai nama. He has contended that Tengalai nama should be adopted. The matter has been adjourned.

Prolly they should toss a coin,and ask both parties to call either heads or tails and whoever wins,gets his nama.


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I have heard that they had this problem long time back in the Varadharaja Perumal temple in Kanchipuram about the nama on an elephant. They went to the court. And I was told that by the time they got the court verdict , the elephant has passed away.

I do not know whether this story is true.

This is all done by Bhaktas. And all Bhaktas are crazy when it comes to any question of Ishta Devata. But then that is what Bhakti is all about.
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Hi All,
Last week i went to mysore but i can't make it to temple Sri Yoganarasimhaswamy Melukote in Mandya district. But we must do some thing to stop this type of fight in temple, please Give your suggestion.
This is a big and ugly controversy. Though being an Iyengar I love all the Dharmic religions(Hinduism,Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and Ayya Vazhi)
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