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Please do NOT turn on A/C as soon as you enter the car.

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can you please do everyone a favour, by citing the source of your information.

you are spreading, what i think, is a lot of alarmist news, without any scientific proof. these are scary stuff that you are saying, and i think it is wrong to make claims, as if you know all this, or you found out, all this.

i would say, shame on you sir. i have already told you in another post, to cite the origins of these type of warnings.

once again, i think, you are a man of some intelligence, and to go about crying 'wolf' without proper proof and basis, i think, is not just plain right. someone could call it sinful too.

i hope i am clear and fair in my request to you - cite the source, and we are ok. thank you.

This seems to be an e-rumor according to to this website
Harmful Levels of Benzene Build Up in Parked Automobiles-Fiction!

A quote from that website
This warning might have been sparked by a report from almost decade ago by Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). In a December 19, 2001 report, the organization found "high levels of air toxic emissions in new motor vehicles for up to six months and longer after they leave the showroom." That research, however was conducted on three automobiles manufactured in Australia and one imported vehicle, the origin of which was not revealed.
I do not know about the Bezene information in car AC.
But I know that One Shouls not sleep on Cars with AC on In Night times.It may cause Death to the person sleeping inside.There were Newspaper reports on this The Reason for this is leakage of Refrigents from the AC System in the car.
One should get his exhaust system of car checked up by authorized mechanic once in 6 months(especially winter months). Many car makers still manufacture faulty exhaust. Its so dusty it gets blocked. So needs clean up once a while.
Sometimes deaths happen due to CO leaking inside car when A/C is switched on especially during Flood conditions. This happens as the suction Pipe gets blocked as its unable to suck in air from below. And CO comes into play as its color less, odour less and deadly. Many deaths happen as people put windows and silently die.

Following precautions-
1) Check Exhaust system once a while especially during winter months as vehicles tend to give off more carbon monoxide emission during the colder months because more fuel is required in order to start and run the engine during cold weather.(if you feel dizzy during driving then your car needs check up)
2) never put A/C in flooding conditions. Put the windows down and dont switch on A/C.
3) Never run an engine in a open/closed garrage. Never run car idling in a garrage and in enclosed areas.
Thank you for your valuable suggestion Mr.Saiyeen.
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