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Places to visit

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There are certain sights which get embedded in your memory permanently due to their extraordinary beauty. One of them for me was the visit to "Keukenhof" the sprawling 70 acre flower Gardens, near Lisse in the bulb growing area between Amsterdam and The Hague, in Holland. We were traveling through the Tulip growing area of Holland, where we could see acres and acres of neatly arranged different coloured Tulip beds in full bloom, looked like strips of coloured ribbons from yonder. We were there in mid April, to see the flowers in their full beauty. Keuenhof Gardens are open for eight weeks from mid March to mid May each year to showcase the Tulip festival. During this season it attracts visitors from all over the world. Fortunately we were there in April.

Keukenhof is claimed to be one of the most photographed sites in the world. Our Dutch tour guide cautioned us to keep adequate film rolls in stock before we visited Keukenhof. When we entered the gardens we understood how correct he was. There were flowers and flowers every where in all hues and colours you could imagine. Though it was started as a showcase for Tulip growers, the garden contains varieties of flowers other than Tulips, like Daffodils, Hyacinths and others, the names of which I could not remember. Luckily we were at the right time when all the flowers were in full bloom. When we started walking on the neatly laid out walk ways shaded by huge trees, in the gardens only we understood how big the garden was. It goes on and on to various sections of flowering plants, interspersed with numerous Greenhouses with special plants and exhibits. In one of them we saw huge collection of butterflies flying. The original garden was landscaped and developed by Holland's famous landscape architects in 1840. 32 acres of the present Park was the part of the estate ofa fifteenth century Countess who had her castle of Slot Teylingen, where she was growing herb and vegetables for her kitchen needs. Thus "Keukenhof" literally means "Kitchen Garden".

Apart from the Garden Keukenhof has a nice fountain, windmill and lakes surrounded by tall trees and walkways. The beauty of Keukenhof attracts thousands of people all over the world from high and mighty to ordinary people who visit Nederlands during spring season every year. Though we spent half day in this garden, it was highly inadequate for us to cover even part of this wonderful place of beauty

Yes our tour guide was correct we took a lot of photos in Keukenhof.

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