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Pithru Tosha Parikara Stalam

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People who did not offer pithru tharpanam or rites that have to be offered after death in a family will be affected by pithrudosha.As a result family lineage will be affected by problems like poverty, unmarried life, childless life and bad health. For avoiding pithru dosha, a temple called baskareswarar temple in thanjavur district serves as a parihara place for all people.This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old. People who are born in stars like krittika, utthiram, utthiradam, people who are in sun dasa, people who are born in simma lagna, simma rasi, people who are born in tamil month of chithirai, aavani and aipasi worship lord siva and sun on first sunday in valarpirai.This temple is situated in the route of thanjavur to pattukottai at a distance of 15 kms near a place called ulur.From ulur one has to travel 2 kms in east direction to reach the temple.
What type of parihara rituals are offered in this temple? Are there vadhayars available for this purpose in this temple?
Also you have mentioned that people born under certain stars/rasis worship Shiva on first Sunday of Valarpirai. Is it special to this Shiva temple or applicable to all shiva temples.
Please quote the source of this info. In which authentic source book is it said that this sthalam is the one where this pariharam is to be done? How authentic is the claim that this temple is more than 1000 years old?
Dear Sri N. Sridhar Ji,

Your posting above, are they your words or did you get it from another source?

By the way, welcome as a new poster. Thanks.

Not open for further replies.

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