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pithru karyams vis a vis sacred thread wearing

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I am going to reply just by logic only.

The prayogas(ritual performance), are divided into two. Purva Prayoga and Apara prayoga. That is before and after ( apara- the other). Purva is for all that rituals performed for the benefit of the livin. Apara is for the dead soul and pitrus.

To distinguish between them , the difference are given.
And , to distinguish between Deva karma and Pitru karma the difference are given.

The tharpanams /Arghyams are given thru the different sectors( Theertham) of the palm.

The poonal is worn in opposite way for each.Probably the pitru loka and Devaloka may be -one clockwise and the other anticlockwise.

The parishejanams ( circling with water) are also done either clockwise or anticlockwise).

In normal advanced logical thinking in science also , there is a strong argument for existence of World and Antiworld. ( Galaxy and antigalaxy) Poistive and negative. For stability, the opposites should co-exist.

That is why every major religion has God and Devil .The Good and the Bad.

Both characters are distinguished by the actor in dress, facial expression, actions and behaviour, eating and drinking habits etc.

I expect explanations based on shastras aso in this regard.


Shri Suryaprakash ji:

Excellent logical explanation indeed. Darkness cannot exist when there is sun. Thanks to both the questioner and answerer. Let fruitful discussions like this continue in this website pls.

Regards to all.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Respectable members,

I was told by my Vadhyar that we should have the Poonool like a garland around the neck when we are not doing ritual. When we perform a ritual, for 'deva preeti', the 'Brahma muduchu (knot)' should face North, the direction of Meru Malai; when performing a ritual for Pitru, the Brahma Muduchu should face South, the dirction of Pithrus. Since we sit facing East, left shoulder for Devas; right shoulder for Pithrus.

As Sri.Suryakasyapa keenly mentioned, water spins counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

Dear Patrons,
I have also been told by my elders the same explanation as quoted by Sri. Raghy, except that the poonal is worn as a garland only when you do the tarpanam for rishies; eg, Rishitarpanam while doing Brahmayagnam,which is supposed to be done everyday, but now mostly limited to occasions like Avani Avittam and pithrukaryas.
Dear Uncle

While performing an auspicious ceremony one should be Upaviti, that is, the Sacred Thread should hang from his left shoulder. At the performance of some inauspicious ceremony one should be Prachnaviti, that is, the Sacred Thread should hang from the right shoulder; and at times not performing any job, he is called Niviti when the Sacred Thread is worn round the neck like a garland.
But actually we are not following that properly (I mean niveedhi style).
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