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PIO retiring to India

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am a 1950 baby. 10.4. is the date. 12.55pm the time. singapore the place.
an accountant, manager, auditor, academic, CPA, PG Dip Ed.
should I reconsider marriage? I do not wish to leave India. Happy for my partner to be in a career if that fulfills her. Happy to help her achieve her dreams.

am peacefully divorced. my children are adults. I would like to meet:

1. a chaste single woman who feels incomplete because she has never met a man in her life, and thus missed out on finding someone to be her partner in life. she must be committed to this

2. a woman who has through no fault of her own been disappointed in an unconsummated marriage.

3. an innocent divorcee(???) I

n my case my ex never wanted to be with me from the start. She became westernised and finally got a divorce after 17 wasted years.

Even I should take some of the blame as I was angry with her about this. She was 12 years younger and that was my mistake.

It was hard to practice compassion and tolerance as Brahminism is very male chauvinistic and repressive of women and it was only when I practised maitri and karuna and reflected on the vasanas from many lives that I found some peace of mind. it also takes two...
4. a widow...
5. anybody else I have left out?

...and is interested in considering marriage if that is where it leads us.

this is a heirarcy in priority order.
Of course if she is educated, financially independant, beautiful, loving, accomodating, etc. that would be a big bonus!
do send a pic which sets my heart on fire!

a kind, honest, tolerant man who seeks a sweet woman who complements me rather than dominates or challenges me.

cultured, cosmopolitan, eclectic, intellectual, spiritual,vegetarian, wowser, non-smoker, non-drinker.

Do write and advise me if interested.

Vadama N Arcot. uttaradasha. haritha.
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shri tennaleyraman

I like your name ie moniker.Tenali Raman was very wise.I am looking for a bridegroom for my SIL who is also divorced like you.She is Kannada Smartha Brahmin with one daughter in her teens,living in Bangalore,India.If you wish,we can correspond,further.Thanks.

am not ready to get back with someopne with children

have found this may be difficult thru experience in australia where the kids may be difficult to handle and I want a peaceful life.

all the best.
I am not the one who controls destiny.
please get in touch without a worry.
be prepared that things may not work out
so disappointment never features in our thoughts.

we are all equaly under the morning sun
men and women, widows even are all one
false pride - shame upon our shallow traditions
my mother suffered while men scorned a noble disposition.
thank you kind sir for your words

pleasant words are well to note.
I will follow this up separately.
hope to come to India soon enough
for spirit's rest and recovery from the wars
which assail us in asuric lands
worth no more than desert sands...
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