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Pilgrimage to Mantralayam

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I am a devotee of Guru Sri Raghavendra and I have been visiting his Brindavanam at Mantralayam for the past 40 and odd years when ever the call comes from him. Last week such a call came through my son. He suggested that we can visit the Athishtanam for a day and return. Due to age factor, I am a reluctant traveller now a days, however accepted the invitation with lot of apprehensions about eight hours of Car journey from Bangalore to Mantralayam. My son got the reservation of A/C room in the newly built Sujayeendra Vishranthi Bhavan of the Mutt. We started at 7.30 am and the journey was comfortable due to excellent Toll paid -High way via Anantapur, Gooti and Adoni. Surprisingly the new roads (State Highway) laid by AP Government under Sri Chandrababu Naidu is superb. We reached Mantralayam at 3.30 pm.
After some rest we proceeded to the Brindavanam of Gururayar. We paid for the Rathothsavams and Puja on the day and next morning.
Surprisingly there was not much of crowd. The people at the Mutt were polite and helpful. We had the Darshan of Gururayar's Brindavanam.
For me it was a thrilling experience, to stand before the living God, in the Brindavanam.
We attended the beautiful Rathothsavams of Prahallada conducted in the evening and took the blessings of Gururayar again.
Since this is "Dhanur Masa" all Temples perform Puja early morning before sun rise. Next morning we had our bath at 4.00 am and proceeded to the Athishtanam to have the blessings of Gururayar. We were blessed to have Nirmalya Dharshanam of Brindavanam and attended the Puja conducted separately.

In the meanwhile we got the presentations a picture of Sri Raghavendra, a shawl and Sweets from the Mutt Office.This time I found a new Mantralayam, completely rebuilt after the floods in October 2009. Now it is spacious and good.

Since we have finished attending all required Puja, we decided to start our return journey after breakfast. There are plenty of eateries small and big around the Mutt in the town.The preparations were good and hygienic.

We started back at 9.00am on the same route. Bright sun and cool breeze in the morning was most welcome treat for commencing a long journey.

On the way we purchased dry land vegetables like tomato, brinjal, potato and long green chillies (all of Solanaceae family), which are grown without use of Chemical fertilizers. Adoni belt is famous for Cotton which is of Malvaceae family.

On the way before Gooty, my son who is interested in Historical monuments, took us to a hillock to see the Ashoka rock edict site in Jonnagiri, near Erragudi on Gooty-Pathikonda road in Kurnool district.

The entire Pilgrimage was very refreshing for mind and body. It is my strong belief that when the call comes from Gururayar every thing happens as scheduled by him.
" Poojyaya Raghavendraya Satya Dharma Ratayacha, Bhajatam Kalpavrikshaya Namatam Kamadhenave "

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Thanks. I remembered my last visit to Mantralayam.

On that day I had Darshan of the Rathotsavam and also had Darshan of the elephant vahanam (silver) on which a copy of the book containing the philosophic contribution of Sri Raghavendra was taken around ceremonially.I joined the Sevaks who carried the vahanam around on their shoulders

A memorable experience indeed.
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i was planning for long time...im waiting call from gururayar...

Dear friend,
Oh yes, if you have faith in him he will call and take you to his holy abode and bless you. You will have your pilgrimage to Manthralayam effortlessly.
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