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Phone jammers in temples soon

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The loud ringing noise of cell phones, message tones and people casually answering phone calls while standing in queues for darshan in temples have irked the devotees for long.

Finally, the HR & CE department is now contemplating methods, including the use of jammers, to restrict the use of mobile phones in and around the Garbhagraha.

“Cell phones have become a menace in temples violating the sanctity of the shrines. They disturb the serene atmosphere. We find it difficult to ask each and every devotee to switch off the mobile, atleast while standing in front of the deity,” a senior HR & CE official said. Though the temple staff would immediately ask the persons to switch off the mobile, as one cell phone goes silent, another rings, he adds.

“We installed jammers in most of the temples, including the Sri Kapaleshwarar temple and Sri Ashtalakshmi temple, besides several prominent temples across the state to hush the cell phones, about five years ago. But the BSNL objected saying these devices crippled the signals in about 50 metres circumference area and affected the users living around the temple. So, we had to abandon it,” another official said.

The department is contemplating a proposal to revive the installation of jammer devices, as depositing and returning several hundreds of cell phones of the devotees daily is a difficult task.

“Atleast, they should put their mobiles on silent mode while in the temple,” the official added. Although banning cell phones would be a good idea, it would not be fair to restrict the carrying of this electronic device since being without a mobile phone in today’s life is considered unimaginable.

Source: Deccan Chronicle
Hello Praveen sir , a really warm welcome to this idea along with implication .It happens that few/ more persons tend to forget to turn to silent mode as they enter the temple ,the ring tone OMG ,its really worse with unaccepted film songs.,their attitude ,tone of conversation ,creat a worse picture,surrounding in the temple.lets hope for the best in this methods.thanks for sharing with us.
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