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"Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" recreated.

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"Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara"

what does this mean? some of us know that this is hindi, but not what it means.

it is let our voice sing together, the name of our motherland, yes it was really wonderful to hear it all over again
thank you sunkan.

it is heartening and relief, to see that rep day celebrations went off welll.

God Bless our motherland. :)
"mile sur mera tumhara" is one of the greatest vignettes growing up in india of the 80s, the days when doordarshan (dd) was unchallenged.

it is fair to say that we didnt realise the greatness of msmt, one of the very few good initiatives of dd, almost passing off as a 'good program' of those days, chitrahar, 'oliyum oliyum' and the sunday movie apart.

it is a lovely song and the old version had some of the greatest performers with bhimsen joshi starting off the song in his inimitable hindustani style ; the tamil version was sung by dr balamurali krishna with a youthful kamalahassan paying attention. it also had his first wife vani ganapathi as the bharatnatyam dancer.

with due respect to the translations before, mile sur mera tumhara means "let our music notes unite"

mile sur mera tumhara
(let our music notes unite)

woh sur bane hamara
(the combined note will be ours)

sur ki nadiyan har disha se
(rivers of music notes coming from all directions)

behke sagar mein mile
(flowing into the seas, meeting)

baadalon kaa roop leke
(taking the form of clouds)

barse halke halke
(raining slowly pleasantly)

mile sur mera tumhara.....woh sur bane hamara....

the equivalent of this is song in different languages...

the interest in those days, for me, was to see the sportspersons in the clipping ranging from narendra hirwani (16 wkts at chennai, on debut, equalling bob massie), rajesh chauhan, p t usha, prakash padukone, flying sikh milka singh at the end....

vivid are also memories of "punk haired" amitabh, jeetendra (man of white shoes) and mithun...

leading ladies were hema, sharmila tagore (saif ali khan's mother, tiger pataudi's wife) and guide heroine waheeda.........

i feel very old reminiscing :( ; which ofcourse i am not, despite aspersions to the contrary :)

"sur" for an endearing "mu ka" ruled tamilian who loves to hate hindi could be the sound created when slurping tea out of the saucer, one of the despicable habits i havent seen much outside of tn.
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thanks hari for the translation in detail.

btw, have you not heard that 'old' is gold? so you are perhaps finally acknowledging the golden boy, that i have always envisioned you :)

even though you may be a spring chicken as far as years as concerned.

again, slurping out of saucers, is also a practice among keralites. quick way to dispose of hot tea when time is of essence. is this habit around in the i.t. world in b'luru?

best wishes.
thanks kunjuppu ji...

in the current times, i guess, it is more worthwhile for old to be pulses given the steep price rise....'old is tur dhal' is a more appropriate metaphor in the inflationary situation....

i havent seen the new one entirely...the one on youtube has only parts....it's nice though i feel that the old tune is much better....

the new msmt includes deepika padukone (daughter of prakash who featured in the first one) and i also see shankar mahadevan, priyanka chopra, juhi chawla among others.... am told mamooty, a r rahman feature from the south...

it has already kicked off a controversy...apparently for keeping out sachin tendulkar and for an overdose of bollywood.

re : slurping tea off the saucer, havent seen much of it outside tn. atleast i have not seen any compelling tendency to pour tea into the saucer and slurp it...

keralites...slurp ?....that's news....because i always imagine keralites drinking tea from tall glass, almost as tall as a beer mug...atleast that has been my experience in kerala thus far....so it must need a big saucer, almost a soup bowl to slurp.
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