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Phala Sruti of Garuda Purana

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I recently own a copy of Sri Garuda Purana.
गरुड़महापुराणम् = The Garuda Mahapuranam Text with English Translation, Notes and Index

This book of Purana, is voluminous and contains information on many topics. They range from Temple construction, Installation of idols and Deity worship, Various vratAs, Vastu ShAstra, DharmashAstras (Synopsis), Hymns to various deities, Glory of Vishnu and Garuda, to topics like Dhanvantri Samhita : Causes and Cure for various diseases and venoms, Details about gems, Death Rituals. One can pick and choose to read/know.

I have heard from people that it is not auspicious for one to own or read Garuda Purana at home. So, I would like to post the Phala Sruti from that book, for our own clarification.

The phala sruti is given in the last chapter - 240.

Lord Hari Said:- O Rudra, I have narrated to you the Garuda Purana, the essence of all knowledge. It brings joy to the listener and brings about release.

It confers learning, fame, glory, wealth, victory and health. Rudra, he who reads or hears the Purana becomes omniscient and goes to heaven.

Brahma said:- O Vyasa, I have heard the Purana from the mouth of Vishnu. It surely brings about liberation to the hearer.

Vyasa said :- Thus, Brahma who heard the Purana from the mouth of Vishnu related it to Daksha, Narada and others including myself.

I had gone to Vishnu-loka with my mind set on Brahman. I heard this PurANa and later on, imparted the same to Suta. Now, you have heard the same from the mouth of Suta.

On hearing the Purana, the person attains omniscience satiates his desire, reaps the fruits in the form of realizing the self. This Purana, the essence of all knowledge, Vishnu related to Garuda.
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Suta said:- This Purana contains the essence of all knowledge and confers Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

In olden days, Vyasa narrated to me this Purana which he had heard from Brahma - VyAsa who had divided a single Veda into Vedas.

He divided the single Purana samhita into eighteen samhitAs. Shuka, the son of Vyasa, has narrated to me this fact. And I have related to you this Purana, O Shaunaka.

Since you have asked me to narrate the Purana to the sages. One who reads or hears or hires the services of a Pundit to recite it to others, or writes it himself or hires the services of a scribe to write it out or keeps the Purana at home, attains Dharma, Artha, Kama or Moksha, whatever may be the choice. He satiates his desires by listening to this Purana.

As Vishnu is a celebrated deity, Garuda is a venerable celebrity. In praising Garuda, we praise Vishnu. By singing praise for Garuda, formerly King Vasu satiated his desires.
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King Vasu said:- Homage to Garuda, of irresistible might, the vehicle of Visnu, the emblem in the banner of Vishnu and a terror to the asuras.

Homage to you, the destroyer of the pride of the Nagas, the nourisher of joy to this mother Vinata, possessed of beautiful wings, guileless, refuge of the piteous asuras.

By merely meditating on you, one destroys the effect of poison of whatsoever sort. One who hears or reads the purana gets sensuous pleasure and release.

SUta said:- King vasu heard the Garuda Purana and satiated his desire. The venerable Garuda meditated on Vishnu and obtained the objects of his desire.
SUta said:- I have narrated to you the sacred treatise, viz. the Garuda Purana. He who reads this Purana achieves the objects of his desire, and ultimately reaches the supreme Goal.

By reciting even a quarter of verse, one destroys sins. He who keeps the treatise at home obtains everything in this world.

He who possesses this Purana attains all that is just. He who reads and hears this Purana enjoys sensuous pleasure and gets also release form the world.

By listening to this Purana he attains Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Desiring a son, he obtains son. Desiring an object, he obtains the object. Deisiring knowledge, he obtains knowledge. Desiring Victory, he obtains victory.

A barren woman obtains a son; a girl, a good, a good husband. Desiring welfare, he obtains welfare. Seeking pleasure, he obtains pleasure.

Desiring auspiciousness, he obtains auspiciousness. Desiring merit, he receives merit. Desiring to be a poet, he becomes one. Desiring to learn the secret of knowledge, he obtains that.

Desirous of Knowledge, he obtains knowledge that puts an end to his cycle of birth. This auspicious narrative of the Garuda Purana, narrated by Garuda himself is associated with bliss.

By reading even a single verse, one escapes an untimely death. If he reads half a verse, he achieves the end of his wicked foes.

At Naimisa,at the sacrifice of sages, Shaunaka heard the Purana from SUta. He meditated upon Brahman identifying his self with the Supreme Self and got release.

Shubham BhUyAt|| Good luck!
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