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Pessimistic outlook - Are you ready?


Well-known member
For those arguing on both sides that we must open lockdown now or it is too soon to open, this is the most important thing you’ll read. I promise.

“Here's the question to answer:

*When will it be safe to end the lockdown, to reemerge?*

May 1st? May 15th? June? July? August?

*Here's the real answer:*


*It will never be "safe".*

Social distancing, staying at home, all of these measures were not to "cure" Covid-19. These were measures to slow it down, so as to not overwhelm our healthcare system.

For the most part, we've done that.

It does not change the virality of Covid, how it spreads from one person to another.

It has no effect on the mortality rate.

It was intended to delay it.

But as soon as we emerge, the virus will spread again and the people with weakened immune systems will still succumb to it.

This is a harsh fact.

*The people who missed it this time, will eventually get it-regardless of if we emerge on May 1st or September 30th.*

We need to protect our healthcare system to handle the load, but we don't need to mislead ourselves over the outcome of this quarantine.

It is slowing it down, but not curing it.

If you're driving to Pune from at Mumbai 50 miles an hour or 100 miles an hour, the distance doesn't change.

If your lifestyle is causing you to have a weakened immune system, use this time to correct that.

Otherwise, you've placed a target on your own back.

Now is not the time for indulging in comfort food - it's a time to give ourselves the healthiest, most robust immune system our body is capable of.”

*Detox yourself and maintain social distancing for next couple of years or till the time a vaccine is found... Its as simple.*

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