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Perform Marriage of daughter with in one year of elder brother's death

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Can some one guide me on the following: My elder brother died in Mar 2011. Since he did not have a son, but had only daughters, I performed his final rites. Now I have finalized an alliance for my only daughter. Will it be alright if I perform the marriage in Jan 2012 or should I wait till March/ April 2012 for my brother's first annual ceremony to be over? Thanks in advance V. Sivaraman
Naturally You are a Kartha. You need to wait up to March / 2011 till the completion of one year. This is a Must Follow.

But my marriage was fixed on 22.01.1990.My father died on 1.1.1990. I requested my Mother and all brothers and sisters to go ahead with my marriage proposal because my marriage Betrothal was fixed on 14.12.1989.That is about 40 days before the demise of my father.

This is because my wife is from Nagapattinam.

As I don't want to create a bad name for her.

So every thing depends on Circumstance. For that only we are performing 13th day Grakiyam.

If the marriage Betrothal is not yet arranged please wait up to March.

If it is already arranged by the time when your Brother was alive,there is no halm in proceeding.

But there are Two Views among our people regarding this.
Mr Sankara Narayanan,
Thanks for the info. I need some one to vet my views.
How ever for your kind info: If the kartha (son) is not married, then 11th & 12th day ceremonies can not be performed. Hence the kartha the son has to get married before the first year end and these two days karayams are to be performed with the wife accompanying, then only the karma will be deemed as complete.
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