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Perceptions of the Disabled

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Perceptions of the Disabled


Here's what I said: I tried speaking in this video but I had too much to say and it ran over 10 minutes. So, I have to use my communication device.

I've noticed that some people don't consider me to be "normal." If you really think about the word "normal," you'll realize that there is no clear cut definition; it's very subjective. You're idea of "normal" is most likely completely different from mine. I don't consider myself not to be "normal" just because I have Cerebral Palsy and I require assistance to perform daily activities.

I see myself as a 21 year old who attends college just like any non-disabled person my age does. When most people see me, they only see the differences between them and I and they automatically feel sorry for me, which I simply do not understand. They don't see me, as a person, they only see my disability. They assume that I have the intelligence of a two year old and/or that I'm miserable because I have a disability. Neither of which are true.

I'm in no way unintelligent because I have a disability. I'm not sick and I don't wish to be cured. There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy and it doesn't shorten a person's lifespan. I am perfectly happy with the way I am. I'm not just saying that to appear strong, I truly mean it. I've had Cerebral Palsy all my life and I will have it for the rest of my life and I'm okay with that. I went to a K-12 school for kids with all different kinds of physical disabilities.

Attending that school made me thankful for my abilities, and not to be bitter about what I'm unable to do independently. There were kids there who had much more severe disabilities than mine. So many people on here have said. "You're so strong!" I honestly don't understand why they say that. Just because I don't let my disability rule my life makes me strong? Or because I post videos about my disability for everyone to see, and risk getting nasty comments from people who don't listen to what I say? Let me put it this way: I can't go out of my house without getting stared at or run the risk of being treated improperly by ignorant people. I do this to make my life easier, by educating people. So what if I need assistance in order to do certain things? So what if I have difficulty controlling some of my movements?

I have so much to be thankful for. I'm intelligent, I have use of one hand, I am able to speak, I have the ability to drive a power wheelchair, to breathe on my own without the use of a ventilator or other breathing equipment, and most of all, I'm healthy. I do, however, have one problem with having a disability; and that's the way non-disabled perceive me. Like I said before, people assume that I have the intelligence of a two year old and/or that I'm miserable because I have a disability. I don't want people to think of me like that. I don't want to be viewed as "weird." I want to be viewed as a person who just simply does some things differently than others. I have the same feelings and desires as any non-disabled person has. Just because my physical needs are different, definitely doesn't warrant being treated any differently.

Thank you.
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