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Pejavar Seer Sri Visweavara Theertha no more.


Active member
Pejavar Seer Sri Viswesha Theertha Sripadgalavaru breathed his last today at Pejawar Mutt, Udupi. He was 88.
He was highly respected person, devoid of any pomp or display and absence of ego, in spite of heading a prestigious Mutt. Always bearing a child like smile and radiant eyes, Sri Swamiji’s heart was full of love and compassion. From the prime minister of the country to the poorest of poor, everyone is instantly attracted by his simplicity and love.

I had the opportunity of meeting him couple of times and had his blessings.

He established the Purnapragjna Vidyapeetha in Bangalore.

As the head of any Udupi Matha, the Paryaya and consequent responsibility to worship Lord Krishna for two years is a crown of honor. Such an auspicious duty was bestowed upon Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji for the first time in the year 1952 . He had the unique distinction of having performed five Paryayas, the last being 2016- 2018.

He was a bold social reformer.
He was against the practice of untouchability and entered into the Dalit colonies to preach his message of love.

He considered "the service to the distressed and downtrodden in society is a compulsory tax all of us have to pay to God", Sri Swamiji has made this ancient message of our elders the primary principle of his life.

He was a fluent speaker in Sanskrit. He led a frugal living though out his life.

Today this great person was called back by his beloved Sri Krishna.


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