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Pazhayaseevaram & Thirumukkudal

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Temple enthusiasts!

I happened to visit these 2 temples on Independence day. These are around 4 kilometers from Wallajabad, which is around 50 km from Tambaram in Chennai. The route to be taken to arrive here is as below

Tambaram --> Mudichur --> Padappai --> Oragadam --> Wallajabad. From Wallajabad, take a left. If you take right, it will lead to Kanchipuram. Taking left from Wallajabad will lead to Pazhayaseevaram temple first and then we have to cross over a long picturesque bridge to arrive at the Archeological heritage site of Thirumukkudal.

Pazhayaseevaram has a beautifully located temple of Lakshmi Narasimha atop a small hillock. One can drive a car right up to the temple tower. Its a small, well maintained temple. Lord Varadaraja swamy will visit this temple on the subsequent day of MakaraSankranthi [Pongal]. He will be carried on a procession for around 12 km from Kanchipuram. Thats one feast of an event to watch. Temple view from the bridge looks like this.

Thirumukkudal is on the other side of the river which flows [once flown] right beside the Pazhayaseevaram temple. This place is called Mukkudal because, it is believed that this is the confluence of 3 rivers [Palar, Cheyyar and Vegavati]. Unfortunately, there is no water flow, but only a barren river bed that can be seen. Thirumukkudal is an ASI site which is maintained very well. The temple site has got important inscriptions about period of Thondaiman chakravarthi, who built this temple and finally attained moksha at this place. In this place, the God is Appan Venkatesan, named after the way the King addressed the God after coming here.

You can find some snaps of the temple in this post.



These 2 temples are a must watch for all and they both can be covered with half day if you are a Chennaiite.

First vist Pazhayaseevaram since it closes by 1130hrs and then Thirumukkudal which closes by 1300hrs.

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