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Paying guest facility at Guruvayoor

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Can anyone suggest me with telephone number of any guest accommodation with iyer's food (not lodge) at Guruvayoor. We are bored off eating the food at different hotels, eventhough some of them claims tamil / iyer style but nothing taste good. Or Is there any Iyer Mess kind of things available there?

dear srinikam
there is one brahmana samuham in east nada guruvayur
which will serve only lunch between 12.00 to 1.30 pm
for which you have to register and get a token of identity
from there itself by about 10 am as they will know how many
will bw available for lunch.
It is free but you can contribute a sper ur wish

ph no:0487-2553499
contact- mr.m subramanian

I hail from guruvayur and in bangalore.

dear sri balu

i saw your post re: accommodation/food at guruvayur.

we are planning to go to guruvayur on 24th april. i wonder if you can guide me to book accommodation at the brahmana samoohan, east nada. if they have a mail id i shall contact them. our stay will be for one day - reaching guruvayur by 6:00 on 24th and leaving guruvayur by 8:00 on 25th april.

thank you

narayanan m.s.
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