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We all know it as the love for one's country but limited to its geographic borders.

How does it arise? National borders have constantly changed. Isn't patriotism a parochial attitude, but just that it is extended to a specific set?

In what way is cultural/linguistic/demographic patriotism different from national patriotism?

In the current scenario, people migrate from one country to another. In this context, what country are they patriotic to?

It is similar to a fuzzy kind of comfort zone within which we seek protection, from those outside... but what are those lines which really contribute towards such an attitude? Religion and culture, to a large extent has been the deciding factor. But with mingling of cultures and religion, it seems to have lost its ground, or has it?

Is it based on settlement of people? If so, then from what age? Maybe the search would be too confusing.

Is it based on the strongest sentiment that binds people? Then what is it - religion, ancestry of settlement, culture and habits or an inexplicable affinity?

After independence, after the partition, even members of the same family faced each other as enemies during the first indo-pak war!!!
To a layperson, taking pride in culture, language, in temples spread far and wide in lands seperated by seas, music, arts..is all a great joy. But in an extremist, the same joy is not felt; and instead the pride takes on a monstrous role of vanity and extreme ambition. Patriotism is probably similar, as a joy in moderation (??)

True, sometimes we feel we must fight to defend what is being snatched away from us. But when i asked someone about lanka was told this:

What seems like winning may not really be winning. What seems like loosing may not really be loosing. When the waters rise, and when what is won is submerged forever, who has won and who has lost.

So, when we fight to defend what's ours, still who decides what should last..
I love bhu-loka,ie earth.I am the most patriotic in the brahmana sense :)

Sarva Lokas Samasthas Sukhino BHavanthu!

Shri Aurobindo

"It is for the Dharma and by the Dharma that India exists…
This Hindu nation was born with Sanatana Dharma, with it it moves, with it it grows… The Sanatana Dharma, that is nationalism." - Sri Aurobindo

Not open for further replies.

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