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Patanjali Yoga Sutra / Samadhi Pada / Yoga defined.

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I have uploaded upto 22 audios giving detailed explanations to entire 106 sutras of Patanjali Yoga Sutras covering
the first two chapters , namely, Samadhi Pada & Sadhana Pada. The same is available in my
Facebook page: Ramani's-Yoga-study-Group.

Those of you who are interested to listen to these audio explanations of Yoga Sastras may please visit my Facebook
page mentioned above.

Since I do not know how to upload these audios in this Tamil Brahmins site, I have decided to give you all the link to my Facebook Page.
Hope the same will satisfy my followers.
I have uploaded about 24 detailed Sutra-wise explanations to Patanjali yoga sutras in an audio format. Individual audios run for about 30 minutes covering around 5 sutras per audio. They are all available for listening at my facebook page :

You may also access this page through your facebook account or through :www.facebook.com/tamilbrahmins page.

Please give your feedback.
--Ramani Panchapakesan [Raman2448].
Patanjali Yoga Sutra ,Third chapter "Vibhuthi Pada" audo rendering has begun.

I have published two audios , each running to about 30 minutes, covering first 13 sutras of 3rd chapter ,"Vibhuthi Pada" in Patanjali Yoga sutras. The same is available for FREE listening [along with all the earlier releases pertaining to the first two chapters].
Please feel free to visit my faceboom page :


Thank you,
Ramani Panchapakesan.
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